Need help with your graphic design?

Graphic design is a complex subject and guaranteed to create debate.

What one person likes, another hates. In many ways though, that's what makes design interesting and fun. Each studio, around New Zealand, employs at least one graphic designer. But not all designers are made equal, and many bring their own personality and nuances to their designs. As one of the largest employers of graphic designers in the country, we can draw on a HUGE pool of talented designers, to get your project completed.




Types of graphic design

Design comes in many guises, from the fashion designer to the 3D exhibition and event designer, through to the print designer, the online web designer, and the branding expert. Some designers focus on typography whilst others on image manipulation. Across our network, we've identified our design experts and reach out to them depending on each client's brief.


Website Design

Along with a team of web developers, we also have designers that understand how to design websites, understanding how visitors move through a site, where key messages should appear and how to deliver an on-screen customer journey. One of our designers will create a website design for you and then, once approved, we'll make sure that design translates straight through into an effective website.



Perhaps your business needs some leaflets produced? No problem, one of our team can take your brief and then create some design concepts. Once approved, we'll handle the print and delivery. It's called project management, and we'll take care of it from initial chat through to final delivery.

At, we're about so much more than simply print. Discover how we can help your business to grow, through one of your local studios.

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