Starting up a new business? We grow your business.

We grow your business - because presumably you are starting a business or you became your own boss to earn good money and have more flexibility.

So just how do we help business owners across New Zealand grow their businesses? Let’s take a look at the 5 keys ways we help New Zealand businesses to grow through effective marketing strategy:

Business Experience

Each of our studios is a small business itself, and together we make up one very large business. So we understand what it’s like to run your own business and the decisions you have to make. And we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees! We’ve marketed our own businesses and we’ve learned a lot on the way. Let us help you, with sound marketing advice.

Online Presence

In this day and age, you need to be online - it doesn’t have to be incredible and it doesn’t have to be expensive, but you do need to be there. We’ll help you build a cost effective web presence that you can manage yourself, and we’ll help you market your business online. Combining web and print into one marketing plan is a winning formula.

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Design Flair

Good design is the key to growing your business and making it appear different to your competitors. We can create the brand you want to own, the brand you can be proud of, and then create the collateral that supports it, like business cards and letterheads and comp slips etc. But more than that we can advise you on your marketing strategy, create a plan and even help you deliver it. We’re a local business too, so if you’re doing well, then we’re all doing well.

Cost Reduction

Although our small studios might not seem that big and powerful, when we join together as one, we have a LOT of bargaining power. We can pass on the cost savings, from our total combined volumes, to you. That means you can purchase printed items and promotional goods at really great value pricing. Remember what your father told you? Look after the cents and the dollars look after themselves. 

Local to you

We’re often just around the corner to you. We see you in the street, and our kids probably go to the same schools. Business is about relationships and we want to work with you to build your business. Your success is important to us, because put simply - your success leads to our success. We understand and know your market. We’re small enough to care yet big enough to deliver, whatever the size of your business.