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Welcome to printing.com

printing.com produce printed materials for local businesses and personal use. We started operating in 1994, when the CEO Tony Rafferty started making flyers for night club owners. Since then, we’ve constantly expanded and innovated.

Our production hub

All our orders are produced in a central production hub that is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest quality for your products. See a list of our machinery.

The orders go through Flyerlink®, a proprietary piece of software we developed to help our business run smoothly. Flyerlink® started as a way to record orders, and now controls all aspects of production including our machinery. This has improved our quality and efficiency, and ensures we can meet our guarantees.

Our studios

We operate studios in retail locations to sell printed products and offer personalised artwork. We now own hundreds of studios across Ireland, the UK, France, Holland, New Zealand and the US. Some of these studios are company-owned stores, but the majority are franchise studios that were started by entrepreneurs who saw our business model and the value it could bring them. Are you interested in starting up your own studio?


Flyerlink® is one of the main reasons for our success, high quality and scalability. All our studios use Flyerlink® to process orders from customers. We’re now expanding this software to allow studios to take orders from third-party suppliers through Flyerlink’s Marketplace. We are also making Flyerlink® available to other studios through our White Label scheme.