How to supply Fabric Backdrops

Jamie Ashworth
by Jamie Ashworth 4 years ago

Fabric Backdrops - Straight & Curved

This article provides guidance on supplying artwork for the backdrop fabric displays.



Product code Product Name
FDSCHI? Stage18 Straight Backdrop
FDSNYC? Stage30 Straight Backdrop
FDSSAN? Stage46 Straight Backdrop
FDSHAM? Rialto Connecting Bridge


Product code Product Name
FDSBLN? Curve24 Curved Backdrop
FDSROM? Curve30 Curved Backdrop


Curve50 Curved Backdrop
FDSMAL? Crest40 Curved Backdrop

Quick Links

Fabric File Supply
Using InDesign TGI Templates for Fabric

Special Requirements 

Artwork Layer

Your regular artwork layer, where you place your design.

Please fill the entire page with your design.

Quiet Zones

Respect the (Blue) quiet zones. Fabric stretches and shrinks (different amounts in different directions) during the production process so there is less accuracy compared to printing on paper. The templates may appear unusually large or proportioned. This is to allow for the stretch/shrinkage of the material.
For best results, keep all important elements well within the quiet zone.

The Quiet Zone Guide should not appear on the "Print Ready PDF".

Visible Area (approx)

Shows the approximate hem/stitch/trim area.

The Visible Area layer should not appear on the "Print Ready PDF".

Finishing Layer

May contain a red guide on one edge to assist with our cutting template. This layer must be present on your PDF.

5m Curve Stand

Due to pdf size limits, the template will be supplied at 50% scale. Your final pdf must be sent at the template size, your artwork will be rescaled at the printing stage.

You should factor this in when positioning and spacing elements. Particular consideration should be given for image resolution as the resolution will drop accordingly when scaled up.

Bridge Attachments

The Bridge is an optional extra that can be attached to any of the three Straight Backdrop products.

The template is similar to the Media stand templates as it has a an optional TV Bracket.

With the addition of some extra guidance for positioning provided on the right hand side of the template.


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