Corporate Business Cards

Solving the business card
printing dilemma

Ordering business cards should be easy. Let’s face it, ordering business cards is necessary but incurs too much management time. The conventional ways of ordering business cards present different problems, with time and money inevitably being wasted.

Avoid the expense of single orders
Order single sets of business cards as and when you need them – a convenient option but inevitably more expensive.

Remove the hassle of gathering together
The alternative is ordering multiple sets together – this is typically more cost effective, but involves the hassle and time of gathering the various orders together
at once.

Also, gathering together cards in this way, risks key people not having cards when they need them most. Likewise, cards may be ordered speculatively and subsequently not be used, negating cost efficiency.

A better way from
Do you have 10 to 10,000 employees? has developed a new, intelligent online ordering system that provides on-demand business cards at a low cost.

The Corporate Business Card System helps maintain your corporate branding while eliminating job-by-job artwork charges incurred through name and contact info changes. Orders are placed when you need them through the quick and simple online process, which gives you access to heavily discounted prices. This solution is ideal for companies who order 20+ sets of business cards a year.


How it works

To set up…

Get in touch
We’re keen to understand your requirements so we can propose the best way to make the system work for you. With licensed partners across the US we can talk with you and provide ongoing support.

System set-up
We build the necessary business card Templates from your existing artwork.

Local demonstration
The system is intuitive and easy to use. However, if online isn’t your forte and you would prefer to have a demonstration, one of our licensed partners will show you how the system works.


Then, when you need cards…

Edit the Template
Editing the Template is easy: sign-in online and personalize the relevant text fields. The Active Update function saves having to manually type the same information, over and over again. Multiple business card layouts? We can set-up a different Template for each design you use.

Place your order
Choose the quantity, enter delivery details and make your payment online via debit or credit card. We also offer monthly billing options for high-volume users.

High-quality print
We work 24/7 to deliver your cards to you quickly and efficiently. Our regular cards are produced in just 2 working days and€“ all our turnarounds are guaranteed.

Quick shipping
Shipping can be tracked through the online system and delivery will be completed in partnership with UPS.


Benefit from full color

We print our clients’ business cards in full color, often referred to as CMYK, process or four-color printing – anyway enough of this jargon.

We choose this method as it allows you to print any number of colors at no extra cost. This is particularly useful for printing additional logos (such as trade associations, ISO Standards or the like), it also allows for photos to be included (if that’s your thing).

All we need to build your Template is an electronic copy of your existing business card design. If this isn’t available, we’d be happy to recreate your design for you. Of course, we will need to come to an agreement on additional charges in advance should this be required.


The business card range’s list prices are among the most competitive in the country. However, using the Corporate Business Card System offers incremental discounts of up to 50%, in comparison to our list prices. We offer a multiplicity of business card and finishing choices, our most popular options are detailed below. If you are not sure which option is closest to your current business card, we will be happy to advise.

We provide an abundance of options
Corporate business card clients save up to 50% compared to the list price


Type of Business Card Corporate Online Price Turnaround (Working Days) Quantity
Regular Coated Single Sided
140# silk cover with a satin aqueous coating
full color one side
$36      500
Regular Uncoated Single Sided
100# premium smooth recycled cover
full color one side
$51      500
Gloss UV Single Sided
140# silk cover with high-gloss finish front and ultra-soft finish back | full color one side
$44      500
Ultra-Soft Touch Single Sided
140# silk cover with ultra-soft finish
full color one side
$59      500
Ultra-Soft Touch Single Sided with Spot UV
140# silk cover with ultra-soft finish with gloss highlights | full color one side
$66      500

Double-sided cards and additional finishing options for rounded edges are also available. Please contact us for prices and details.


Letterheads, folders and flyers via the same system…

Need stationery, presentation folders, flyers, posters or other printed collateral? We’ve got a range of different deals on letterheads, various folder options and every type of flyer you would ever need. We can create templates for any printed collateral you use on a regular basis and make them available through the system.


Contact us

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