Sell your designs

If you’re a graphic designer who’s experienced in preparing artwork for print, we want to work with you.
You can sell your designs through us in two ways:


1. Work in our studios

We employ graphic designers to create custom artwork for our customers’ printed work. You’€™ll have a graphic design qualification or some relevant experience, and you’€™ll be pretty savvy in the main design applications. Check out our recruitment page or contact your nearest studio to find out about current vacancies.


2. Upload your templates through

Our work opportunities in studios are limited, so we’ve created an option for you to sell your designs through us on a freelance basis. We’ve created TemplateCloud where you can upload designs that are then sold on an ever-expanding list of websites. Follow our detailed guidelines, take your InDesign file and turn it into a template which can be edited and personalized online. We’ll teach you how. You decide the price range you’d like to sell at.

Every time a customer uses one of your designs and orders some printing, we’ll pay you a royalty.