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Lightbox - Box + Graphics

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Illuminate your brand with our cutting-edge LED Lightboxes, effortlessly capturing attention with visually stunning displays. Perfect for point-of-sale, cinemas, and promotional events, our large-sized lightboxes create an irresistible spectacle that demands attention.

Elevate your marketing strategy with our LED lightboxes, leaving traditional signs and posters in the dust by delivering a more impactful and dynamic visual experience.

With their intense light output and reduced energy consumption compared to fluorescent lights, you can enjoy cost savings without compromising on vibrancy. Our product boasts high-lumen 3-watt LED integrated technology, ensuring uniform illumination across the entire display.

Our lightboxes feature full-color graphics finished with a sleek silicone edge, providing a seamless and flawless appearance. With limitless design possibilities thanks to full-color printing, your creativity knows no bounds.

Whether used individually or in a modular setup, our lightboxes offer versatility for any environment.

Simple to assemble, our LED lightboxes come with pre-inserted LED lights, eliminating the need for additional installation. Powered by a standard transformer and 3-pin plug, these lightboxes are perfect for indoor use at events, exhibitions or in the workplace.

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