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Say my name – Postcards are instantly memorable

Want customers to remember you?
Use postcards. New research has shown print is more memorable than online ads. 

A week after people saw both, Temple University found printed ads showed greater emotional response and memory. Print also caused more activity in brain areas associated with value and desire. Print makes them remember you. And want you.

Do an experiment. Count the emails you got last week. Include those in your spam/junk. Now count the postcards or brochures you got in the post. We bet it’s significantly less. Significantly. Want your message to get through? Use print. You’ve got their post box to yourself. Our Postcards are now up to 62% off, with a new 50 starting quantity. If you want customers to say your name, print it.

























Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 8 – fold it and save on postage

Folded leaflets make great mini brochures. Imagine the world before some clever Henry invented folding. Imagine the size of linen cupboard you’d need to fit your duvet cover in? Well, if you’ve got more to say than you can fit on a leaflet, get a bigger leaflet and fold it. Makes sense really. They’re easier to handle, cheaper than a booklet and cheaper to mail out (if you follow Royal Mail’s guidelines).

Some of our more popular folds – ask if you don’t see the one you want.

Half Fold

HALF Folded in half on long edge. Available on A5 and bigger.



LANDSCAPE HALF Folded in half on short edge to make tall or skinny shape. Available on A5 and bigger.



3 PANEL ROLL Folded into 3 panels, with the third panel tucked inside the others. Available on A4 and bigger.



4 PANEL ROLL Folded into 4 panels, with each panel tucked inside the previous. Available on 4 panel DL, 4 panel A5 and 4 panel A4.



3 PANEL CONCERTINA Folded into 3 panels, like a concertina, into a ‘Z’ shape. Available on A4 and bigger.



4 PANEL CONCERTINA Folded into 4 panels, like a concertina, into a ‘M’ shape. Available on 4 panel DL, 4 panel A5 and 4 panel A4.



CROSS Folded in half, then half again, to end up quarter of original size. Available on A4 and bigger.


Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 7 – choose paper wisely

Believe it or not, the actual material your brochure is printed on makes a difference to how you are perceived. See www.printing.com/leaflets for prices on all our paper types and check this handy guide to see what your choice says about you…

leaflet-weights100gsm silk coated conveys value and economy. ‘No frills’ look, ideal for sales or discount offers.

115gsm gloss coated makes colour photos look most vibrant. Use for low-cost menus or mail drops.

100gsm uncoated is best for reading text or writing on – use for forms or instruction sheets.

150gsm gloss coated is thick and glossy – photos look amazing on high-gloss, with low show-through.

160gsm recycled uncoated looks natural. Premium and sophisticated. Upmarket and understated. Easy to write on.

170gsm silk uncoated is elegant – think eggshell paint. Coated thick finish, looks professional.



Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 6 – size absolutely matters

Leaflets come in a huge range of sizes. If you have a simple message, A5 is our most popular size. We print double sided as standard – so use the front to capture attention, then the reverse for detail and your ‘call to action’ – what you want prospects to do next.

When you’ve more to say, it makes sense to spread your message out. Folded leaflets are easier for people to digest – look how our story unfolds in this brochure, across 8 panels. It’s easier for readers than one huge sheet.

If you’re posting out your brochure, stick to something which folds to A5 or smaller. That way you qualify for the lowest postal rate. Everything in this brochure falls into the lowest weight postal tier too.

For more sizes and folds, choose ‘every possible option’ at www.printing.com.

A sizes

Get more customers: the super secret cheat guide: Part 1 – eat, sleep, sell, repeat

Cute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glasses

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Plenty of research shows people need to see your marketing message several times, in different ways, before they buy.

If a customer says no, is it game over? Be honest, do you give up after your first knock back? Many business people do. But that’s a mistake. Dust yourself off. And get back on the horse.

You’ve probably seen the stats below on LinkedIn or Twitter? They claim it takes between 5 and 12 contacts before the vast majority of sales are made. Maybe it’s made up, who knows. But think about it. How many times do you speak to your clients? It’s rare that a sale happens on the first few contacts. This secret cheat is simple. Just keep going. The more times you reach a client, the more chance of making the sale. Better to contact 1,000 prospects 5 times than 5,000 just once.

So does that mean you keep calling people day after day asking “ready to buy yet?” Maybe that could work for some. But for most, it means using different methods.

Let us plan a campaign for you which has 5 or more contact steps. These could be a brochure to warm them up, followed by an eshot with an invitation to meet. Next week could be a promo postcard with a focus on an individual product or service. Then a call. That’s four. Then how about a voucher booklet of special deals, backed up by some social media posts?

Contact vs sales stats