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4 tips for promoting your business on a budget

4 tips for promoting your business on a budget

4 top tips for promoting your business on a budget

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s about showing your customers and your community that you care. This could be anything from friendly advice, a quick tip, or just a helping hand. 

So we’ve put together a few easy, free or inexpensive ways to help promote your business in what are very much challenging times….

1) Promote with print

To help engage your community about who you are, what you do, where to find and contact you – we’ve listed some clever ways to use print to promote your business…

  • Offer discounts or specials to people and businesses in your local area encouraging them to use your services or products
  • With the absence of a handshake, send your customers a personal note on a postcard or letterhead
  • Distribute your food menu and offer free delivery
  • Showcase your product range on a brochure
  • Spread the love to your customers with a refer-a-friend voucher

If you need help with design, we can help with that too, contact your local Printing.com Studio

2) E-meets

Meeting and talking with potential customers has always been part of our business.

Meetup with potential customers online. Use a tool like Google Hangouts to communicate with clients.

3) EDMs

It’s important to keep in touch with your customers, and EDMs are a cost-effective way to distribute information to a lot of people – quickly.

Consider sending regular EDMs to keep your customers up to date with changes in your business, what you’re doing as a business to prevent the spread of the virus, and how you’re looking after the wellbeing and health of your staff, suppliers and customers. Mailchimp is a great tool to use for sending EDMs.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you need help designing and sending emails to your database – we’d love to help.

4) Google My Business

If you haven’t already set up Google My Business now is a great time to do so.

Google My Business is an excellent way for customers to get in contact with you without seeing them directly.

You will have seen this when you search for businesses on your phone and it gives you the option to call their business directly.

Best of all It’s free, easy to setup and you don’t need a physical store.

Google My Business is also useful for seeing how your business operates in terms of customer satisfaction as customers can leave reviews and you can address complaints. This helps your business build relationships, address pitfalls and build authenticity. Paving the way to becoming a trusted business.

Not sure where to start, or what to do first? Contact your local Printing.com studio

Summer Sale

Summer Sale

Summer is the perfect time to reassess the marketing activities for your business

Perhaps things that once worked well are now less effective or you’ve simply not had time to think about your marketing at all.
We’ve put together ‘The Power Marketing Workout’ a huge range of offers to help you get on track, to try new things and improve on what you already do.
Think of this as your marketing reboot, there are even some tips to help keep you in top shape at your desk. So limber up and let’s go!

25% off all fabric walls, booths, stands, table cloths and counters

Our new fabric displays and counters are perfect for exhibitions and events and are easy to assemble. The covers are also washable, meaning they can keep looking their best even after many uses!

Offer only applies to fabric walls, booths, stands, table cloths and counters. Excludes flags and banners. Note: extended turnaround times may apply.

Save 30% on Starmarque Business Cards

500 for only $139! Was $188

MARKETING WORKOUT #1: The Core Essentials

First impressions drive everything and set the tone of everything that follows. Business Cards are an essential marketing item, they provide contact details and cement next actions. Make sure you always have yours on you, and that they look good. Otherwise, all your hard work may be undone!


Get down with one knee on the floor and one knee bent, as if you were about to propose to your co-worker, look up to the sky and put your hands up. This one is great for your abdominal’s!

Save 20% on A4 Supreme Folded Leaflets

1,000 for only $543! Was $678

MARKETING WORKOUT #2: Improve Your Reach

Leaflets are a great, cost effective way to promote your business. Think about what makes you unique. What does your business offer that your competitors don’t? This should be the key message on your marketing material. Target an area with this message and improve your reach to new customers.

DESK EXERCISE #2: Touch The Sky

Interlock both hands together, and try your best to touch the sky, with palms facing the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds. Just watch out in case you have sweat stains under your shirt!

Save 20% on Luxury Rack Cards

500 from only $220! Was $274


Your existing client base is often your most valuable asset. Long standing clients can be marketed to directly and cost effectively and because they already know and trust your business, they’re more likely to spend more than new clients. Once you win a new client, aim to keep them happy for the long term.

DESK EXERCISE #3: The Knee-Jerk

While sitting, lift your leg up and grab onto your knee. Try and pull your leg towards your chest, and see how close you can get it. Hold for 10 seconds.

Save 20% on Corporate Stationery

500 A4 Letterhead for only $195! Was $243


What’s different about how you market to your clients? Be flexible about how you promote. Corporate stationery is still a relevant part of any businesses marketing mix and for clients to engage with your brand.


While sitting, extend one leg, and hold for 5 seconds. Then try and lift that leg as high as it can go, and hold for another 5 seconds. Be careful not to kick the desk under you though!

The small print: We don’t build every option into our prices – we think it’s best you choose what you need – so we haven’t included file checking or artwork (which we’d love to do for you), delivery (you can pick up free from your local studio) or GST. Sale ends and artwork must be approved by 3.00pm, Friday 14/02/2020. Websites available at participating Printing.com studios only.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas


Personalised Corporate Christmas gift ideas – perfect for any customer!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – are you ready?

Okay… Maybe we are a tad early to be decorating our living rooms, eating mince pies and belting out Mariah Carey. BUT, if you are a business and haven’t yet thought about your Christmas marketing, then you’re actually quite late.

From Christmas cards and calendars, to wallplanners and corporate gifts – We can help!

Your business simply wouldn’t work without your client base, so how are you saying “thank you” to them for their business in 2019 and securing future business in 2020?

Speak to your local Printing.com for more personalised corporate Christmas gift ideas to make the most of the festive period!

Find your local studio


Wallplanner Image


Send your clients personalised wallplanners. It advertises your brand and stays on their wall the whole year round.

View Wallplanners


Christmas Card Image

Christmas Cards

Tempted to send an ‘e-card’ to your top clients? Think again. Better to send a traditional printed card, and send it early.

View Christmas Cards


Other Christmas gift ideas

Calendars, Diaries, Notebooks, Cheese boards, Photo canvas, Mouse pads, Bags, Drink bottles, Stress ballsMugs, Recipe books, Pens …the options are endless! 

Get in touch with us, we’d love to help you with your customer Christmas gift ideas.

Call us free on 0800 TO PRINT or …

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Corporate Gifts – Why Bother?

Corporate Gifts – Why Bother?

We’re heading into summer and New Zealand’s holiday season. Staff and customers alike are full of excitement about Christmas and the forthcoming holidays. Most businesses shut down for a few weeks to ensure everyone enjoys some down-time. And yet despite all this joy and happiness, it’s amazing how the words ‘What are we going to give as corporate gifts this Christmas?’ can strike fear into office managers, marketing departments or business owners throughout New Zealand. Most people love to give gifts to their friends and family, so why the hang-up with gifts to customers and staff?

Let’s first consider why you would want to present a corporate gift to your customers. Here are five reasons why corporate gifts at Christmas and throughout the year represent a GREAT investment.

1. Gifts help develop your relationships – everyone loves a gift and most people feel kindness to the person giving the gift. The psychology is no different in corporate gifting – your customers will be grateful and a little more loyal to you. It’s so much harder for a customer to stop doing business with you when they have received gifts from you.

2. When you’re in the early phase of what you hope will be a profitable relationship with a customer, it’s important that they remember who you are. Perhaps they’ve simply trialed your products or services, but you’re yet to be on their regular shopping list. Send them a branded corporate gift and there’s more chance of them remembering you, and ordering from you in the future.

3. A corporate gift is in fact a cheap advertising medium – consider a branded gift vs advertising and you will soon realise that it more targeted, more memorable, more long lasting and so delivers much better value for money.

4. It’s always nice to get a thank you, so consider a gift to say thank you to a customer for their business. New Zealand is a small country and your customers often have a choice in who they do business with. A simple thank you gift goes a long way to maintain loyalty in the face of stiff competition.

5. Don’t think of your corporate gifts as a cost, but rather as an investment. Why not even run some analytics? Identify your top twenty customers and then gift the top ten twice in the year and measure your return from those customers vs the other ten customers – you may well be surprised by the result, but we won’t be!

Then of course there are your staff, who have rallied around you all year to grow your business. It’s easy to say that that’s what they get paid to do, but remember that our employment pool in New Zealand is very small. Good staff are hard to get and even harder to keep. It’s the little things that keep them loyal, those thoughtful words, kind deeds and small gifts that surprise and delight them and remind them why they love coming to work for you each day.

Remember it’s not just about Christmas, so why not consider a range of gifts that are ready to hand out in recognition of good work. Perhaps it’s a pair of headphones or a branded Tee or an umbrella. Consider gifts that are thank you presents vs gifts that are rewards for achievement. Having a range of useful branded items, given for hitting sales targets can be a great trick for motivating staff. This is especially true if the item can be used each day but recognises someone’s status as #1 salesperson that month. The recipient will have immediate bragging rights and other staff will know they are a high achiever.

Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas

At Christmas, what options do you have for corporate gifts? How do you do something a little different? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Food and Drink Inspired Corporate Gifts

How about a branded set of cheese knives, with your company logo etched into the lid, along with a selection of fine cheeses and a bottle of wine?

Consider a range of coffee/tea mugs with your branding – every office needs cups in the staff room, and they normally stay in the cupboard for years! We have a broad range of mugs that can be branded both on the inside and outside. Dare to be bold – talk to us about creative ways to get your message across.

Longer Lasting gifts

We have a range of canvas pictures in various sizes which can be printed with any message or design you like. Perhaps get a drone picture of your customer’s premises and then let us print it to a picture canvas – what a great gift! Or how about inviting a photographer to take local images and then gift these as a unique present.

It’s a Date

Desk diaries, desk calendars and wall planners are still as useful today as they were 20 years ago. The more time poor we become the more important it is to organise our time better.

But also think more outside the box – how about a diary that encourages you to improve your work/life balance a little more. How about a diary that invites you to set goals each month against certain criteria such as family, financial, personal and life.

We all know that Christmas is a time for giving so don’t be a scrooge, invest and reap the rewards this holiday season – we know you won’t regret it!

Defining a Brand

So what is branding? Historically branding was used by cattle ranchers to identify their animals, however, it changed in the 1880s when branding started being used to differentiate goods from their competition.

Today, The Dictionary of Brand defines a brand as “a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organisation.”

As we now know a brand can mean different things to different people so we have to get this right to ensure engagement and loyalty as successful brands work on reaching a variety of different customers.

Your brand has to reflect what you do and create an impression of your business personality and reflect where you sit in the market. This overall feel will need to be used in the logo, slogan, business cards and pretty much all marketing material including your online presence.

Brands can be unique to each individual so this can change depending who interacts with your brand however you can market to a certain consumer group but remember that you need to build trust and loyalty with all potential customers and smart brands reach different customer groups while creating individual relationships.

So how do we start? One of the first steps is to come up with a business name and logo, both of these things need to represent your business and stand out in the crowd!

The logo needs to be eye-catching and memorable, often a simple design works best. The design will also need to adaptable so it can be used in a variety of situations. A good place to start with creating a logo is to research what you like and why you like it and from here start to sketch some of your own logo ideas to get a feel on how they feel.

If you are wanting to create or change your brand get in touch with one of our local printing.com studios and they can help you with this.