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Summer Sale

Summer Sale

Summer is the perfect time to reassess the marketing activities for your business

Perhaps things that once worked well are now less effective or you’ve simply not had time to think about your marketing at all.
We’ve put together ‘The Power Marketing Workout’ a huge range of offers to help you get on track, to try new things and improve on what you already do.
Think of this as your marketing reboot, there are even some tips to help keep you in top shape at your desk. So limber up and let’s go!

25% off all fabric walls, booths, stands, table cloths and counters

Our new fabric displays and counters are perfect for exhibitions and events and are easy to assemble. The covers are also washable, meaning they can keep looking their best even after many uses!

Offer only applies to fabric walls, booths, stands, table cloths and counters. Excludes flags and banners. Note: extended turnaround times may apply.

Save 30% on Starmarque Business Cards

500 for only $139! Was $188

MARKETING WORKOUT #1: The Core Essentials

First impressions drive everything and set the tone of everything that follows. Business Cards are an essential marketing item, they provide contact details and cement next actions. Make sure you always have yours on you, and that they look good. Otherwise, all your hard work may be undone!


Get down with one knee on the floor and one knee bent, as if you were about to propose to your co-worker, look up to the sky and put your hands up. This one is great for your abdominal’s!

Save 20% on A4 Supreme Folded Leaflets

1,000 for only $543! Was $678

MARKETING WORKOUT #2: Improve Your Reach

Leaflets are a great, cost effective way to promote your business. Think about what makes you unique. What does your business offer that your competitors don’t? This should be the key message on your marketing material. Target an area with this message and improve your reach to new customers.

DESK EXERCISE #2: Touch The Sky

Interlock both hands together, and try your best to touch the sky, with palms facing the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds. Just watch out in case you have sweat stains under your shirt!

Save 20% on Luxury Rack Cards

500 from only $220! Was $274


Your existing client base is often your most valuable asset. Long standing clients can be marketed to directly and cost effectively and because they already know and trust your business, they’re more likely to spend more than new clients. Once you win a new client, aim to keep them happy for the long term.

DESK EXERCISE #3: The Knee-Jerk

While sitting, lift your leg up and grab onto your knee. Try and pull your leg towards your chest, and see how close you can get it. Hold for 10 seconds.

Save 20% on Corporate Stationery

500 A4 Letterhead for only $195! Was $243


What’s different about how you market to your clients? Be flexible about how you promote. Corporate stationery is still a relevant part of any businesses marketing mix and for clients to engage with your brand.


While sitting, extend one leg, and hold for 5 seconds. Then try and lift that leg as high as it can go, and hold for another 5 seconds. Be careful not to kick the desk under you though!

The small print: We don’t build every option into our prices – we think it’s best you choose what you need – so we haven’t included file checking or artwork (which we’d love to do for you), delivery (you can pick up free from your local studio) or GST. Sale ends and artwork must be approved by 3.00pm, Friday 14/02/2020. Websites available at participating Printing.com studios only.

Quality Offset Business Cards now from only $59!

Offset Printed Business Cards from only $59

Quality Offset Business Cards now priced from only $59!

Offset printed business cards are the most cost-effective and useful direct marketing tools for any business. Despite the spread of digital communication – business cards are more popular than ever before. Your business card needs to be memorable and stand out from the rest. Your business card needs to make a good first impression.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression – so here’s 3 top tips to ensure your business card stands out…

Choose a quality stock

1. Choose a quality business card stock

Your business card should be like a firm, strong handshake. Have you ever shaken someone’s hand but been met with limp wristed fingers? Rather an uncomfortable feeling right? It’s the same with a business card.

A thin, flimsy card gives an impression of weakness, a thick business card gives the impression of stability and strength. Don’t cheap out on stock, go thick and we recommend a minimum of 350gsm. At Printing.com we have a range of business card stocks, sizes and finishes to help your brand stand out. Check out our business card range >

Don't cheap on print quality

2. Don’t cheap out on printing quality

For a quality printing option, we recommend offset printing because offset provides superior image and colour quality that is sharper and cleaner than other printing options.

At Printing.com, we offer you the best price for your offset printed business cards and our offset printing process is better for the environment. This is because as we gain greater efficiency from gang run printing all print orders from throughout New Zealand on our new Komori A1 offset printing press. Meaning we produce less waste and use less energy than other traditional printers.

So not only are you doing your part for the environment by printing with printing.com, you’re getting the best possible print quality, for the best price.
Check out our large range of business cards online >

Design a memorable card

3. Design a memorable business card

You only have one chance to make a good impression! Business cards are generally 90x55mm in size so it’s important to declutter and not include the kitchen sink.
Keep your business card simple and only say what needs to be said.

Generally a business card includes business information such as a logo, address, website and social network profile. It also includes a person’s name, position, email and phone.

If you’re comfortable with the idea of your face on your business card, then why not include a photo? It can help your business card be memorable and stand out from competitors. 
Printing.com is New Zealand’s largest network of creative graphic designers and we’ve helped over 50,000 business with their branding and design.

So if you’re starting out in business or thinking of refreshing your brand, then don’t hesitate to contact your local printing.com studio.
Our talented designers can create a memorable business card that helps you and your brand really stand out.


Business Card Design Gallery

Quality Offset Business Card Design Portfolio

A business card makes your brand more memorable – if done right. 
So that’s why we’ve pulled together a gallery of eye-catching quality offset printed business cards from Printing.com graphic designers. These have been created to help their brands make a lasting impression.
Like what you see? Want your business card to make a lasting impression?
Get in touch with a Printing.com designer near you >

Business Design Gallery


Creative uses for Business Cards

Other creative uses for business cards…

Establishing and growing a business is a lot of hard work. Business cards can make the process a little easier. They are versatile, enable you to create a distinctive statement and aid in brand awareness. So we’ve compiled a list of creative ways you can use business cards to help market your business…

Appointment Cards

One of the most popular uses for business cards is an appointment card. That’s because they are an affordable way to remind customers of upcoming meetings while making sure they have your contact information. 

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards encourage repeat business – and that’s always good for business! Business cards are the perfect size for a loyalty card as they can be easily stamped or punched, fit nicely in your customers wallet, therefore easy to hold on to.

Referral Cards

Hand out referral cards to your best customers so they can give them to their friends and family. Offer a special discount or free gift with purchase if they present they come in and present the card, don’t forget to say a special thanks to the referee!

Coupon or Discount Cards

It’s quite common for business cards to include a coupon or discount. It’s a great way to entice new customers to buy from you.

Raffle Cards

A business card is a cheaper alternative to an actual raffle ticket. If you allow plenty of space on the card to enable people to write their name and phone number on the card. Then you can identify the winner by name instead of a number!

Information Cards

Information cards can include a calendar, a map, your range products, services, promotions or events – just about anything. Just remember these cards are relatively small, so avoid the clutter.

Event Tickets

Business cards will make awesome event tickets because you can print the event description, venue information, date and time of the event. 

Other popular and creative uses for business cards include…

Bookmarks, clothing labels, price tags, vouchers, and RSVP cards!


Do you have a design ready to go? You can order your business cards online

Order business cards online

If you would like your business card stand out, have your brand be memorable then don’t hesitate to contact your local printing.com studio 

Find your local studio



Colour Inspiration – August 2019

As we start to come out of the winter months we look forward to every bit of warmth we can get with these cold but crisp days. With this in mind, our August colour inspiration palette starts to introduce warm hues with the hope that spring is just around the corner.

All our swatches come with CMYK colour values. If you see one you like and would love to incorporate into your brand refresh or next project, make sure to head into your local PDC studio with the colour value and we will create something amazing together.

The beautiful image is just one of the millions of stock images available to use in your next project!

Winter Colour Inspiration

Winter has arrived in New Zealand the shorter days, wintery chill, and morning frost will become a regular occurrence.

BUT… not need to fret as we have come to the rescue to give you some colour inspiration that is inspired by the 3 months of the year that we call winter.

Our first colour inspiration is tones of purple, a perfect winter colour, with a pop of green.

Our second inspiration came from the beautiful colours that you get from a winter sunset. Nothing beats a beautiful sunset in winter, just look at the gradients in the sky!

Our final inspiration came from the unusual bright colours that you can see in winter, for example these beautiful Maple Trees during the winter in New York, anyone keen to go to New York during the winter? I know I am!

Try Asymmetrical Layouts

Try Asymmetrical Layouts

Try Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetry is the absence of symmetry and is something we see commonly in nature everywhere, check out the branches of trees and the shapes made by water. In design this can be something that is off-centre or miss matched elements, but not unbalanced, yes you can create interesting design outside of a grid.

As one of the design trends for 2019 we are starting to see designs that move away from the grid based designed that was happening over the past few years and seeing products and designs that feel more alive and free. Using this method to create tension as things can feel unbalanced so it needs to be done right.

This can be difficult as elements of the design may start to become more complex and to create a more cohesive work this still needs to feel balanced, and harmonious which is why it can be easier to go with symmetrical layouts, but if you can master this, you will find you feel more free when creating your master piece.

If tying this out, you can still mix these concepts but still remember the use of space to isolate elements, the sense of movement and direction, adding colour as a focus, and using a grid to help with scale and balance and to organise your space.

Basic Design Tips

Basic Design Tips

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make things look amazing, follow these 5 tips to get you started…
but don’t panic if it all seems too much, we have a huge team of creative designers that can get your next project looking amazing!

1. Have a plan. Before you start, have a goal, make sure you know what you want your marketing material to say, keep the message clear and keep it simple – stick to the plan!

2. Make a mood board – This will help you to find a common colour palette or theme that can then be applied to a project to bring cohesion. Use different tones of the same colour for consistency by adjusting brightness for contrast.

3. Fonts – Pick 2 fonts, one for your headings and one for your body text, choose fonts that complement each other, and that are in line with your brand.

4. White Space – Don’t be afraid of space. Make sure each of your elements have room to breathe. The elements (photos, text and logos) can end up competing against each other when you try to fill the entire space.

5.Fresh eyes. Recharge your batteries and take a break. Come back and have another look later with fresh eyes.

Created by the team at printing.com Rangiora

Your local PDC studio is full of awesome creative experts who’d love to chat. For more advice and ideas, get in touch below…