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Client Showcase – The Village Hair & Beauty Studio

The Village Hair & Beauty Studio Price List

Here is a little gem of design from Printing.com @ Alpine Graphics. This beautifully designed price list was entered into our networks Design Awards and won gold in the Communication category.

Here is what the judges had to say – “This design is so simple in its application but really pops. The design of the leaflet could also be used for the refit of the studio as per the customers brief, this goes above and beyond the design of just a leaflet. The design of the information is clear and uncluttered, with simple visuals that give a great sense of the studio’s style.

The client’s target audience was women of all ages in the small community of Clarks Beach in Auckland. Sally approached the Printing.com @ Alpine Graphics wanting an overhaul of her brand, something more modern and classy. A style that could be incorporated into the studios revamp at a later date.

Damien McCown, the designer who created the leaflet started with a central common background that would reflect a relaxed beach feel – tones of blue and green created wooden batch feel. Then he worked in a model shot and stylish chair, reworking colour tone to match and create some continuity through all products needed. The intention was to try and achieve a clean, refreshing look that was uncluttered, but still attention-grabbing and did not take away from the content been communicated.

Sally loved the design and here is what she said – “Thank you so much for the great new design of our price list DL Flyers, car stickers and business cards, we all love it, we are looking at restyling our salon and will be incorporating this style into the revamp. Thank you!”

Looking at getting some folded leaflets designed or printed? Get in contact with one of our friendly studios or view the product here.

Client Showcase – Gutter Rescue

Recently here at Printing.com, we had our annual design awards, this year we had plenty of entries and the quality of design was astounding! Our judges had a hard time deciding who was going to win. This year we had 8 categories and this month we are going to showcase our gold winner in the Stationery Category.

Gutter Rescue Die-Cut Card Shaped like a Firetruck.

Emily McCormick from Pritning.com @ Queenstown Print took the gold in the Stationery category for this creative business card they designed. So we asked a few questions about the process for this design…

So what was the clients need/problem?

Our client used to have ordinary business cards and would like to write on them who the person was that serviced their property. They had purchased a fire truck from China which they turned into the work truck and wanted their new truck to be the focal point of their cards with also still having space to personalise each card by writing the name of the service person on the card.

What was your design solution?

Custom die cards always stand out of the bunch, and so we created a custom die in the shape of the fire truck itself & using a great photo of the truck, truly making it the focal point of the card. The result was a delightful card that we knew their clients could never bring themselves to throw away.

The back of the card that the service person can sign.

Judges feedback on the design and print,

This piece really caught the judges eye and was intriguing. To be left as a calling card after the gutter service was provided highlighted the unique truck central to the companies brand.

Client Showcase

Client Showcase

Meet Mark from Sampson Rural Fencing…
Recently we had the privilege of meeting and working alongside Mark and Karen, founders of Sampson Rural Fencing. Mark is truly an expert in his field, with over 17 years experience in the industry. He has a passion for creating rural fences that last the test of time.
He needed to get the word out there in the local community and let them know he was here to help, but he wasn’t sure how to start…
We had plenty of ideas to help. We began the process with creating a

* logo and branding

this flowed onto developing

* a website
* business cards
* leaflets and corflute signs

Now the word is well and truly out there! Thanks for letting us be part of your project Mark and Karen – we love working with you both!

Created by the team at printing.com Rangiora

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level make sure you get in touch with your brand and marketing experts at your local printing.com studio.

Calendars with a Different Twist

Calendars with a Different Twist

We think calendars make great gifts when you zhoosh them up a bit. You can make the calendar have so much more value if you add content that aligns with who your business is and appeals to your target markets. Each page can promote unique aspects of your business, give important reminders or tips for your clients or provide motivational quotes and stories to create a feel-good factor associated with your brand.

Here are just some of our ideas:

  • A business that provides products or services to families could use each calendar month to provide ideas of fun things to do with kids each month. Such as a bush walk, lunch at a special spot, a visit to a local Arts Centre or gardens, hiring bikes and going for a bike ride. Or perhaps ideas on a variety of games that could be played.
  • Accountants and business coaches could use the calendar to help clients with business growth tips and tax reminders. They could also provide advice and tips on business growth.
  • Mechanics could provide seasonal reminders for example in the lead up to summer make sure you get your camper, caravan or boat trailer serviced before the rush and to avoid missing out. They could also use the calendar to educate on the importance of other services such as when to change your cam belt – if you have one.
  • The calendar could be used as a fundraising tool. We have clients who include beautiful scenic photos of their area and sell the calendars to both locals and tourists. We have another client who uses their calendars to raise money for their non-profit farming organisation. They had a photographer take saucy semi-nude and very funny photos of the farmers.

A calendar with generic meaningless pictures is just a calendar, however, if you can align the content of the calendar with your services and things that help and appeal to your target markets, the calendar becomes so much more. Plus it has the added benefit of reminding them of your brand all – year –round!

Client Showcase: Chocolatier Mirams

Client Showcase: Chocolatier Mirams

Client Showcase: Chocolatier Mirams

Chocolatier Mirams is the brainchild of Christopher Mirams, a Hawkes Bay based, contemporary artisan chocolatier, focused on using the best ingredients available.

Chris sources the best blends of couverture that he can find and blends them with the best produce available. As local as possible and as organic as possible.

Chocolatier Mirams came into printing.com Napier in search of a brand identity for his new business. Chris now visits us regularly when he has a new product or an upcoming event. His chocolates are both beautiful to look at as well as eat, so if you ever get the chance to try them, we’d definitely recommend it!

Chris left school at sixteen, after having been offered an apprenticeship at Huka Lodge, Taupo. In 2008, he competed in the apprentice of the year competition alongside seven of the best in New Zealand. In 2009, Chris went to New York to Stagiere at Gordon Ramsay’s two Michelin star restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the London, under the watchful eye of Josh Emett. After a short time back in Hawke’s Bay, he relocated to Melbourne to work as a commis pastry chef alongside Josh Emett in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant maze in the Crown Metropol. Living back in the Hawke’s Bay, he has worked in local eateries including his latest stint at the Picnic in Ahuriri.

chocolatier mirams: chocolatier is a simple change from Christopher. Mirams being Chris’s surname pronounced my-rims