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Client Showcase – The Village Hair & Beauty Studio

The Village Hair & Beauty Studio Price List

Here is a little gem of design from Printing.com @ Alpine Graphics. This beautifully designed price list was entered into our networks Design Awards and won gold in the Communication category.

Here is what the judges had to say – “This design is so simple in its application but really pops. The design of the leaflet could also be used for the refit of the studio as per the customers brief, this goes above and beyond the design of just a leaflet. The design of the information is clear and uncluttered, with simple visuals that give a great sense of the studio’s style.

The client’s target audience was women of all ages in the small community of Clarks Beach in Auckland. Sally approached the Printing.com @ Alpine Graphics wanting an overhaul of her brand, something more modern and classy. A style that could be incorporated into the studios revamp at a later date.

Damien McCown, the designer who created the leaflet started with a central common background that would reflect a relaxed beach feel – tones of blue and green created wooden batch feel. Then he worked in a model shot and stylish chair, reworking colour tone to match and create some continuity through all products needed. The intention was to try and achieve a clean, refreshing look that was uncluttered, but still attention-grabbing and did not take away from the content been communicated.

Sally loved the design and here is what she said – “Thank you so much for the great new design of our price list DL Flyers, car stickers and business cards, we all love it, we are looking at restyling our salon and will be incorporating this style into the revamp. Thank you!”

Looking at getting some folded leaflets designed or printed? Get in contact with one of our friendly studios or view the product here.

Tips on How to Make Yourself Stand out on Instagram

Apparently, there are over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram. Among this group, these influencers can range from a following between 15,000 to 100,000 followers. But how do you make yourself stand out from these influencers and businesses that are flooding the social media market?

Here is 5 tips on how to make you business stand out…

  1. Try getting onto Instagram’s Explore Page. The explore page has an estimate of 200 million visitors each day! That’s a lot of people viewing content. The explore page is a great way for you to be seen not by just your followers but also new non-followers.
  2. Use video and motion! Post videos and if you like to use Instagram stories add stickers, Gifs etc. to create more dynamic and visually pleasing content.
  3. Is your account set up for business? If not we highly recommend it. This is useful because you will then have access into the insights and analytics of your posts. Analytics is helpful because you can check out what hashtags are working for you, and what content your sharing is working with your audience.
  4. Find your best posting times. This will increase your audience engagement in general, but also with great content it will boost your chances of getting onto the explore page on Instagram so that other users can engage as well.
  5. Last and final tip we have is to tag and mention other relevant brands. Have you collaborated or worked with someone else or another brand? If so share this news because you can both benefit from each other, and it is also a greet way to create a great working relationship.

Hopefully these tips are some food for thought for you and that you can utilise them within your business!

Get More Leads by Pimping up Your Google Business Page

72% of people who conduct a local search will visit a store within 8km

There has been a 900% growth in ‘near me tonight/today’ searches in the past 2 years. 97% of consumers say reviews influence their buying decision. Your Google Business page is an important part of our online strategy. Arguably a more important part of your online strategy than Facebook or Instagram. We recommend putting studio time into your local social media strategy and GMB pages should be included. You should all have a Google Business page by now and have the ability to edit it. If not – here is a great video explaining how to claim your business – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdCZMWkYDJQ. These business pages are most important for local searches and are tailored for people searching for your business services in your local area.
The more you add to your page, the better Google understands what you offer in order to put in front of more people searching for your services.

So what do you need on your page?
At the very least you need –

  • business name
  • address
  • phone number
  • hours of operation
  • business category
  • web address (check your link!)

What can you do to pimp up your page?

  • add an in-depth description of your business
  • upload better images of your team, studio and products
  • encourage reviews and respond to them
  • did you know you can add posts for products, events and offers!?
  • upload videos

By doing the above, you can move your listing result further up the list, and get noticed by more people.

Winter Colour Inspiration

Winter has arrived in New Zealand the shorter days, wintery chill, and morning frost will become a regular occurrence.

BUT… not need to fret as we have come to the rescue to give you some colour inspiration that is inspired by the 3 months of the year that we call winter.

Our first colour inspiration is tones of purple, a perfect winter colour, with a pop of green.

Our second inspiration came from the beautiful colours that you get from a winter sunset. Nothing beats a beautiful sunset in winter, just look at the gradients in the sky!

Our final inspiration came from the unusual bright colours that you can see in winter, for example these beautiful Maple Trees during the winter in New York, anyone keen to go to New York during the winter? I know I am!

Client Showcase – Gutter Rescue

Recently here at Printing.com, we had our annual design awards, this year we had plenty of entries and the quality of design was astounding! Our judges had a hard time deciding who was going to win. This year we had 8 categories and this month we are going to showcase our gold winner in the Stationery Category.

Gutter Rescue Die-Cut Card Shaped like a Firetruck.

Emily McCormick from Pritning.com @ Queenstown Print took the gold in the Stationery category for this creative business card they designed. So we asked a few questions about the process for this design…

So what was the clients need/problem?

Our client used to have ordinary business cards and would like to write on them who the person was that serviced their property. They had purchased a fire truck from China which they turned into the work truck and wanted their new truck to be the focal point of their cards with also still having space to personalise each card by writing the name of the service person on the card.

What was your design solution?

Custom die cards always stand out of the bunch, and so we created a custom die in the shape of the fire truck itself & using a great photo of the truck, truly making it the focal point of the card. The result was a delightful card that we knew their clients could never bring themselves to throw away.

The back of the card that the service person can sign.

Judges feedback on the design and print,

This piece really caught the judges eye and was intriguing. To be left as a calling card after the gutter service was provided highlighted the unique truck central to the companies brand.