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Summer is in full swing. Long days. Bright nights. Does your brand glitter in the sunshine or is it hiding in the shade? Does your marketing still dazzle? Is your logo looking slick? If not, it’s time to make changes. And attract some shiny new customers in the process. A branding refresh. A website upgrade. An advertising revamp. Some new merch. Your local branding experts at printing.com can help you get your business looking stylish this summer.


Some people think a “brand” is just a logo. Got a logo? That’s my branding done. Tick. That was easy! But it’s much more than that.
People make a judgement about the quality of your business, based on the feel of your brand. If your logo is dated, website jaded, or your marketing home-made, then customers will subconsciously judge you. Now is the time to supercharge your refresh.
Become memorable. Make your style irresistible. Then communicate your brand values consistently, across every touchpoint.
Let us help. Branding is our business. Let’s start building the next chapter of your brand story.



Print is powerful. It stimulates the senses and captivates the mind. Create a compelling message to post on a flyer. Or rustle up a dapper piece of direct mail to help you generate a quick response.
Want to make a good impression? Use lavish stocks and finishes to really stand out of the crowd.


It’s a little shallow, we know. But looks matter. Website visitors only need 50 milliseconds (that’s just 0.05 seconds) to form an opinion on your website. If they don’t get the right vibes in those split seconds, they’ll be jumping ship.

We can’t only get hung up on good looks though. That’s just the beginning. Like all good marketing, it’s about how something makes you feel. Well, not you. Your customers. What is your website saying about you behind your back? How many leads are you leaking?
We expect pages to load quickly and work well on different screen sizes. To be able to easily find what we came for. To simply do the things we want to do. All this while dishing up engaging custom content,
a seamless shopping experience, or effortless online booking.

Visit www.websitesbypdc.co.nz for more information, or get in touch (participating studio) for a free quote