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Business Cards

You don’t need a psychology lecture on how the quality of your card influences people’s perception of your business. You’ve heard it often enough. (Probably from us too!)
Instead, ask “is it clear what you actually do”? You’d be surprised how many cards we see with just a business name. Maybe fine if you’re “Sparky Electricians”. Not fine if you’re “PAP Associates”.
Use the reverse to highlight your website address, remind your customers of their appointment time, list your services, or splash a pic of your bestselling product.


Leaflets should be a fundamental part of your marketing plan.
Leaflets, whether folded or not, are super versatile. Use them for price lists, showcase products and handy tips, or even use them for promos. The list is endless!
The key thing about leaflets is to be clear about what you want a recipient to do next… Is it to order online? Book an appointment? Contact you?
Tell them what you want them to do next.


If you’re presenting your business, give prospects an impressive pack to take away. Bundle a brochure, price list and show deals together inside a suitably substantial Presentation Folder or Document Wallet.
Most styles also have a slot for your business card.

Spotlight on Starmarque

It’s not just magpies that love shiny things – we’re all attracted to them. Diamond necklaces, new cars, crystal glasses. They never fail to get our attention. Increase your chances of getting noticed by adding glossy Starmarque highlights to your marketing material.

Who’s using Starmarque?

Lots of businesses are finding that adding Starmarque to their marketing material is giving it a lot more weight and presence. The gloss highlights provide an additional visual stimulus because of the varied textures on the single printed surface. This adds depth and impact and sets the perception of high quality in the eyes of your recipient.
If you’re selling a premium product or are trying to position your business at the upper end of your market, create a striking first impression with Starmarque Business Cards, Presentation Folders, Book Covers and Rack Cards.

What works best?

Starmarque looks great added over the top of dark colours – black, dark blue, purple, that kind of thing – that’s where the contrast is greatest. On a light background, the highlights will be less visible and they’ll be practically invisible on white.
Avoid using it over small text or small objects as there is little chance of it exactly lining up and that will be pretty noticable. Best to think of it entirely as its own design element and use it to enhance a piece.

What does it cost?

Starmarque is a high-end finishing option which is usually out of reach for most small businesses. It’s usually reserved for expensive marketing material and adding it would normally cost a small fortune. Not any more. With Printing.com’s revolutionary techniques, you’ll share these high set-up costs with lots of other businesses and pay only a fraction of the normal cost.
Ask your local studio for free samples of Starmarque items, or for ideas on how they could help make your marketing even more effective and eye catching.

What can I do with Starmarque?

The options are endless and each design can be specially tailored to your business. We recommend treating Starmarque like a separate design element. It can be any pattern or shape you can think of. Stars, diamonds, and circles will add interest and texture to your design. Add impact to photos by adding a Starmarque shape over them.

Stunning Outdoor Marquees

Even a traditional New Zealand summer won’t spoil your outdoor event with these stunning Marquees!
Printed marquees are all the rage at markets, festivals and fairs. Marquees are compact for storage, easy to pop up and simply locks into place.
All marquees are dye-sublimation printed in full colour on a stretch fabric which is fully washable in warm water. And the water resistant material will keep you and your stock dry if it rains.
Fit on the number of sides you want. A full height wall hangs from the top, or you can choose half height walls, which come with a rail. Why not print a half height wall for the front too, to act as a cool branded counter?
Remember you can buy all the printed parts separately, so you can change your messages for each season or each event, and keep using the same frame. Neat!

Top 6 tips to get more web enquiries

People are busy and easily distracted. So how do you encourage visitors to stay a bit longer on your website, find what they need, and get in touch easily? How can you convert your web traffic into web enquiries? There’s no magic formula, but research has shown these simple steps can help…

  1. Be clear about your offering
  2. Write for the web
  3. Make it easy to get in touch
  4. Build trust and credibility
  5. Be mobile friendly
  6. Keep your website up to date

Read more at here and if you don’t yet have a website or you need a hand with your website, just ask us, we can help. Call or pop into your local participating studio for advice on how to make your website work harder.