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let’s picture it…

You’re trying to win a new customer. Perhaps you’ve blown on the pie at
a networking event. Or they’ve seen the banner on your premises, or seen an advert you’ve posted.

What do they do next? Probably Google you. And, almost certainly, look at your website. Why? For more information. For assurance. To decide if you’re a credible outfit. Does the “online you” match the “offline you”?

Does your website match your signage? Are there different generations of branding across your leaflets, your posters and your website? Different colour schemes?

That’s where we come in. We’ll look at your marketing and work together to make it transparent. Read on and find some helpful tips on how to make your marketing crystal clear!

Business Cards

You don’t need a psychology lecture on how the quality of your card influences people’s perception of the quality of your business. You’ve heard it often enough. (Probably from us too!)

Instead, ask “is it clear what you actually do”? You’d be surprised how many cards we see with just a business name. Maybe fine if you’re “Sparky Electricians”. Not fine if you’re “PAP Associates”.

Use the reverse to list your services. Spell it out. Or splash a pic of your bestselling product.


Leaflets should be a fundamental part of your marketing plan.

Leaflets, whether folded or not, are super versatile. Use them for price lists, showcase products and handy tips, or even use them for promos. The list is endless!

The key thing about leaflets is to be clear about what you want a recipient to do next… Is it to order online? Book an appointment? Contact you?

Tell them what you want them to do next.

Other Ideas


Notepads aren’t only for notes; they can be used for checklists, forms and much more. With a variety of sizes from A7 to A2,
you’re sure to find a size that fits.


Have your contact details at the
ready on your customers fridge.


Get sticker happy, pop these on every box or order that leaves your store. Use them as address labels or product labels, the uses are endless!

Footpath Signs

Great for grabbing passing foot traffics attention. Let people know you’re open for business and direct them where to go. Super sturdy so it can withstand most weather.

Take the next step…

Let’s meet. Let’s look at the marketing you’re using today. And work on a plan to make things clearer. To find a common voice and a consistent feel.

To convert browsers into buyers. To persuade passers-by to buy. Mastering consistent marketing just needs a desire to be clear.

In other news…