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4 top tips for promoting your business on a budget

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s about showing your customers and your community that you care. This could be anything from friendly advice, a quick tip, or just a helping hand. 

So we’ve put together a few easy, free or inexpensive ways to help promote your business in what are very much challenging times….

1) Promote with print

To help engage your community about who you are, what you do, where to find and contact you – we’ve listed some clever ways to use print to promote your business…

  • Offer discounts or specials to people and businesses in your local area encouraging them to use your services or products
  • With the absence of a handshake, send your customers a personal note on a postcard or letterhead
  • Distribute your food menu and offer free delivery
  • Showcase your product range on a brochure
  • Spread the love to your customers with a refer-a-friend voucher

If you need help with design, we can help with that too, contact your local Printing.com Studio

2) E-meets

Meeting and talking with potential customers has always been part of our business.

Meetup with potential customers online. Use a tool like Google Hangouts to communicate with clients.

3) EDMs

It’s important to keep in touch with your customers, and EDMs are a cost-effective way to distribute information to a lot of people – quickly.

Consider sending regular EDMs to keep your customers up to date with changes in your business, what you’re doing as a business to prevent the spread of the virus, and how you’re looking after the wellbeing and health of your staff, suppliers and customers. Mailchimp is a great tool to use for sending EDMs.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you need help designing and sending emails to your database – we’d love to help.

4) Google My Business

If you haven’t already set up Google My Business now is a great time to do so.

Google My Business is an excellent way for customers to get in contact with you without seeing them directly.

You will have seen this when you search for businesses on your phone and it gives you the option to call their business directly.

Best of all It’s free, easy to setup and you don’t need a physical store.

Google My Business is also useful for seeing how your business operates in terms of customer satisfaction as customers can leave reviews and you can address complaints. This helps your business build relationships, address pitfalls and build authenticity. Paving the way to becoming a trusted business.

Not sure where to start, or what to do first? Contact your local Printing.com studio