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So what is branding? Historically branding was used by cattle ranchers to identify their animals, however, it changed in the 1880s when branding started being used to differentiate goods from their competition.

Today, The Dictionary of Brand defines a brand as “a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organisation.”

As we now know a brand can mean different things to different people so we have to get this right to ensure engagement and loyalty as successful brands work on reaching a variety of different customers.

Your brand has to reflect what you do and create an impression of your business personality and reflect where you sit in the market. This overall feel will need to be used in the logo, slogan, business cards and pretty much all marketing material including your online presence.

Brands can be unique to each individual so this can change depending who interacts with your brand however you can market to a certain consumer group but remember that you need to build trust and loyalty with all potential customers and smart brands reach different customer groups while creating individual relationships.

So how do we start? One of the first steps is to come up with a business name and logo, both of these things need to represent your business and stand out in the crowd!

The logo needs to be eye-catching and memorable, often a simple design works best. The design will also need to adaptable so it can be used in a variety of situations. A good place to start with creating a logo is to research what you like and why you like it and from here start to sketch some of your own logo ideas to get a feel on how they feel.

If you are wanting to create or change your brand get in touch with one of our local printing.com studios and they can help you with this.