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Recently here at Printing.com, we had our annual design awards, this year we had plenty of entries and the quality of design was astounding! Our judges had a hard time deciding who was going to win. This year we had 8 categories and this month we are going to showcase our gold winner in the Stationery Category.

Gutter Rescue Die-Cut Card Shaped like a Firetruck.

Emily McCormick from Pritning.com @ Queenstown Print took the gold in the Stationery category for this creative business card they designed. So we asked a few questions about the process for this design…

So what was the clients need/problem?

Our client used to have ordinary business cards and would like to write on them who the person was that serviced their property. They had purchased a fire truck from China which they turned into the work truck and wanted their new truck to be the focal point of their cards with also still having space to personalise each card by writing the name of the service person on the card.

What was your design solution?

Custom die cards always stand out of the bunch, and so we created a custom die in the shape of the fire truck itself & using a great photo of the truck, truly making it the focal point of the card. The result was a delightful card that we knew their clients could never bring themselves to throw away.

The back of the card that the service person can sign.

Judges feedback on the design and print,

This piece really caught the judges eye and was intriguing. To be left as a calling card after the gutter service was provided highlighted the unique truck central to the companies brand.