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Try Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetry is the absence of symmetry and is something we see commonly in nature everywhere, check out the branches of trees and the shapes made by water. In design this can be something that is off-centre or miss matched elements, but not unbalanced, yes you can create interesting design outside of a grid.

As one of the design trends for 2019 we are starting to see designs that move away from the grid based designed that was happening over the past few years and seeing products and designs that feel more alive and free. Using this method to create tension as things can feel unbalanced so it needs to be done right.

This can be difficult as elements of the design may start to become more complex and to create a more cohesive work this still needs to feel balanced, and harmonious which is why it can be easier to go with symmetrical layouts, but if you can master this, you will find you feel more free when creating your master piece.

If tying this out, you can still mix these concepts but still remember the use of space to isolate elements, the sense of movement and direction, adding colour as a focus, and using a grid to help with scale and balance and to organise your space.