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Getting and keeping your customer’s attention is not always an easy task.


So how can you and your business be seen and remembered among the noise? The key is to become, a remembered and trusted brand.

The best way to become these things is to do good; on more levels than just business. Let’s look at your town as an example. There are many ways that you can become a pillar within your community by providing jobs, stimulating the economy, and lifting others up by supporting local or charitable organisations. You will earn their community’s respect by being an active, generous part of it.

Here are some ideas on how you can engage in this concept.

Volunteer or serve a local charity or initiative in your area, by becoming involved you will make meaningful connections whilst doing great work, there may also be ways in which your business can directly support the organisation that you are personally supporting.

Business Partnerships. Consider forming strategic business partnerships with other businesses in your area, together you can grow stronger. When making your choice, some things to think of are how your services can complement each other, this is not only beneficial for the two business involved, but also for the clients you serve, as they receive a seamless experience between the both of you.

Sponsorship is also a great way to showcase your community values, get creative with this one, it doesn’t just need to look like donating a prize for a raffle, it could look like a range of different things, put your head together with the organisation that it needing support and you will be amazed at what you may come up with together.

Whatever you decide to partner with, the connection has to feel real, it has to come from a place of really wanting to make and see a lasting change, don’t take on too much, only take on what feels manageable to avoid burning out. You will not become recognised in your community overnight, but your generosity will be recognised and trusted by doing small good deeds in your community over a period of time.

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