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Make your website work for you.

Having a super awesome website is essential for any business that’s looking to make more sales (who isn’t?) You want something that makes you stand out from the competition and really sets you apart. But what makes an excellent website excellent?

Here are 3 simple rules to creating and establishing a great website.

Keep it simple Make sure your website makes sense. You want to be creative with your website…but not so creative that people can’t find their way around. Keep in mind that people are familiar with standard navigation and if they find it difficult to navigate around your site, chances are they will just leave! You want to make your website as accessible as possible so you’re driving people towards your business, not away from it.

Keep it fast Page speed is an essential factor not only in determining whether or not someone stays on your website, but whether or not it appears high in search results. Make sure your website isn’t full of massive photos or videos – optimise everything.

Keep it clear Ensure your website is full of clear call to actions at every step. Your customer should know exactly what it is they need to do when they get to your website. Do they need to contact you? Do they need to shop? Do they need to sign up to a newsletter? Make sure they know what they’re doing and why they are doing it.

If your website isn’t checking these boxes and it needs an overhaul, fear not! Your local PDC studios are full of incredible web designers who would love to work with you to see your business thrive on the web – get in touch with us today!