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You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make things look amazing, follow these 5 tips to get you started…
but don’t panic if it all seems too much, we have a huge team of creative designers that can get your next project looking amazing!

1. Have a plan. Before you start, have a goal, make sure you know what you want your marketing material to say, keep the message clear and keep it simple – stick to the plan!

2. Make a mood board – This will help you to find a common colour palette or theme that can then be applied to a project to bring cohesion. Use different tones of the same colour for consistency by adjusting brightness for contrast.

3. Fonts – Pick 2 fonts, one for your headings and one for your body text, choose fonts that complement each other, and that are in line with your brand.

4. White Space – Don’t be afraid of space. Make sure each of your elements have room to breathe. The elements (photos, text and logos) can end up competing against each other when you try to fill the entire space.

5.Fresh eyes. Recharge your batteries and take a break. Come back and have another look later with fresh eyes.

Created by the team at printing.com Rangiora

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