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How your workplace is designed has a huge impact on your mood, performance and productivity.

Whether your office is at home or at work consider these 3 tips to improve your working environment for your self, and your team!

1. Have a space for every occasion… depending on the nature of your business, your work space may need to cater for several scenarios. If you can, it’s great to create areas for different times and tasks, eg. Have a quiet zone for focused and concentrated tasks, as well as a team area where you can collaborate and be creative. It may also be important to have a private and confidential working space too…think about what is most important for you and your team and come up with a plan to best use the space you have.

2. Where possible have some natural light and live plants. Many studies over time have revealed that adding indoor plants improves your health, happiness and productivity in the workplace. Natural light also promotes performance!

3. Make it Personal – photos, dream boards. Having a space for people to express themselves at work, and a space for them to share and display what they love is important and increases the sense of belonging and promotes loyalty within the team

Created by the team at printing.com Rangiora