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Welcome to 2019! The start of the year is always full of exciting plans, goals and ideas for the future. One thing that really excites us at printing.com is taking a look at what trends will be shaping the design world in the new year! We’ve been doing our research, talking to our people, and here are 3 trends that we are most looking forward to seeing this year.

1) Bold Typography and Experimental Layouts

This was a trend that started emerging last year and is set to grow more and more. Designers are experimenting with the limits of type and legibility as well as creating unexpected and unique layouts that challenge and thrill the viewer. A quick google search for “experimental type” brings up many modern examples of how this is used. Putting a whole lot of creative thought into how designers lay up their work can create incredible hierarchies of information and design that catches the eye – and keeps it there.

2) Floating Elements

Something we’ve noticed at PDC that we think is truly VERY cool is the addition of floating elements to many designs. For a few years now we have had the “Flat Lay” trend (thanks largely to instagram!) however many creatives are now moving away from this 2d format and experimenting with borderline surrealism in how they present their work.

3) Colour and more colour

Big, bold colour has made a comeback in the last few years. And we’re looking at more of this for 2019 – stand out colours, particularly against dark backgrounds where they really make an impact. There are few things that will draw your eye to a message like a bold and inviting colour!

Curious about these trends and how they could be worked into your branding this year? Make sure you get in touch with your local studio today because we would love to chat to you about your ideas.