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How quick are you at typing information?  What about texting or composing emails on your mobile device?  We have a few tips to eliminate the business of typing?


  1. Convert a scanned document or image to digital, editable text – licketysplit

If you have a scanned document or a photo of text and want to avoid typing it up there is a FREE online tool called OCR that can help. It converts scanned PDF documents (including multipage files), photographs or digital camera captured images into editable and searchable electronic documents. The formats it converts to include Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Rtf, Html and Txt. Here is a link to the tool https://www.onlineocr.net/


  1. Send text messages and emails on your mobile device using the power of your voice – easy pezzy

Need to send a text or compose an email? Select the microphone when you are in text or email mode, start talking and your device will capture what you say. You can even add punctuation! You do this by asking a question and saying “question mark” at the end of your question. Or saying “full stop” at the end of your sentence. You will find the microphone located on the keypad. Make sure you proof what it has converted to text as it’s not always accurate.


  1. Scan documents, meeting notes and more using your smart device – No more typing for you.

There are free apps available like Evernote Scannable (https://evernote.com/products/scannable) to scan documents, receipts, business cards, forms and more by using your smartphone’s camera. You can also use the document scanning feature in Dropbox for scanning as well as capturing whiteboard meeting notes on sticky notes form a brainstorming session. Here is a link to instructions https://www.dropbox.com/help/mobile/document-scanning