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Not to sound like an “Old Fart”. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your circumstance – you can grow vegetables.

My Mother worked full time, brought up three kids on her own and still had a beautiful garden. The most important part of this was the veggie garden. As youngsters we were encouraged to plant and look after a few of our own small vegetable varieties. To suffer the failure of plants that have died because I have not watered them, or to enjoy the literal “fruits of my labour” and eat fresh ripe tomatoes or bean and peas directly from the vine.

Today, some 50 plus years on I still look forward to spring and to the excitement of planting out my veggies for the coming season. In every place that I have lived over the years, I‘ve had a garden. Sometimes it’s just been just a couple of tomatoes in pots, others it’s been a few bags of garden mulch split open with seeds just scattered within.

Whatever space you have big or small, give it a go. You will not believe how delicious your own home grown veggies taste and how much pleasure they will give you.

If you are really serious, I would be more than happy to share some knowledge and encouragement to do you own.

You also get the added bonus or fresh air and sunshine, which always makes for a great frame of mind.

Submitted by Denise Gundry | Design/Production Manager, PDC Mt Eden