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Aside from being the ‘Beautiful game’ and the world’s “most widely viewed sporting event,” The World Cup is held by FIFA, and like the ‘Olympic Games’ and the ‘Rugby World Cup’, takes place every four years to determine the world champions.
To celebrate this year’s tournament in Russia, we put together 5 interesting facts you may or may not already know to get you into the soccer spirit for the 2018 World Cup, Russia:

To start with – the first ever World Cup was held and played in Uruguay 1930 with only 13 teams, most of which were South American teams participating.
The most astonishing fact is that Uruguay was both the tournament host and winner that year.

Back in 1966, the famous World Cup trophy had gone missing for seven days and was later reported stolen just prior to the tournament ‘kicking off’.

An Interesting fact – every World Cup to date had been won by a coach who is the same nationality as his national team.

Russia’s highest finish was in 1966 fourth place, this after an 11th World Cup appearance. Not bad given the poll of other international power house countries and also the fact that this year is the first time Russia has ever hosted the World Cup.

Since Uruguay 1930, the tournament has become the ‘greatest international sporting event’ ever and as the years went on ‘power house’ Brazil has won the most titles, while Germany have suffered the most finals losses.

If history repeats, I’m off to get myself a Brazilian…Jersey.

Submitted by Graeme Luatutu | Graphic Designer, PDC Mt Eden