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10 ways to prevent being burgled this Christmas

It’s Christmas! Let the Thievery Begin!

Even though New Zealand’s crime figures are better than many, most business owners worry about burglary.

It’s the holiday break, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to some family time and a bit of rest and relaxation. You’ve worked hard all year and you’ve earned a rest. Maybe you’re off to the beach for a week or two?

The reality in New Zealand is that many homes and businesses are empty for a few weeks after Christmas, And given these timings it probably also means all the Christmas presents you got on the 25th – the new iPhone, the expensive laptop, or maybe that big screen TV and Playstation – are all sitting in your house!

Here’s a few simple little tricks can make your place reasonably secure and help minimize the likelihood that they’re going to run off with your new toys.

1. Get a decent Contents Insurance policy – shop around as there’s plenty of brokers out there.

2. Check that your door locks are all working properly.

3. Jam some wood into your window frames – easy to remove from inside, but it prevents your windows from being opened from the outside.

4. Install a dummy video security camera at your front door – these are readily available online and help deter a criminal.

5. Get some fake Security System stickers online and stick them to your windows.

6. Leave some lights on in your place (and outside) while you’re away. Buy some light timers online – about $10 each.

7. Don’t close all the curtains – that’s a dead giveaway – even teenagers don’t sleep in all day every day!

8. Don’t leave expensive things like laptops and mobiles lying around that can be seen through a window. Put them away in cupboards or hide them in wardrobes.

9. Leave a cheap, crappy old fashioned TV in your living room that CAN be seen through the window!

10. Let the neighbours know you’re going away and ask them to collect your mail while you’re away.

Here’s to enjoying a more relaxing break over the holiday period.

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