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Corporate Gifts – Bah Humbug!

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner – if you listen carefully you can hear sleigh bells a jingling, but perhaps that’s the sound of the money in your pocket as you consider client Christmas presents? Here are five things to consider as you write your Christmas list.

Why buy Christmas presents for customers?

1. Remember the 80:20 rule? It’s a whole lot easier to retain existing clients than it is to attract new ones, so spend time and resources on keeping your customers. For bigger corporates receiving a Christmas present can be against the rules, but for many, it is seen as intended, a simple thank you. Take the time to buy your clients a gift. Add a little branding and make that gift a permanent reminder of your business/brand.

2. Your existing customers are your best source of referral – they like working with you and will feel happy to suggest your services/products to friends and colleagues.

What should you get them as a present?

3. Don’t go over the top – no one likes a show-off. Consider a mix of branded and non-branded products. For instance how about a non-branded beach towel in a branded chilly bin? Go too large and extravagant and your customers will only assume you’re trying to buy their business.

4. Think about buying presents that are useful either for your customer at home or in their work. This shows thought and also ensures your gift is regularly used and your name becomes associated with it.

Who should get what present?

5. Take a look at your customer database and apply some rules. It makes sense to reward your biggest customers with a certain spend, whilst others get a lesser amount spent on them.

Busy Busy

For many Christmas is a very busy time of year. It can be tricky to take these customers out as they simply do not have time! Better to purchase a gift than take up more of their time.

At printing.com we offer a number of Christmas gift ideas. The easiest way is to call your local studio, let them know your budget and then have them come up with some cool ideas – they’re a creative bunch, and frankly, this saves you having to cost it all out and think of ideas. Your local studio can provide any design, as well as oversee the logistics – it’s Christmas, you’re busy – let someone else play Santa.

However, if you enjoy getting stuck in and are a hands-on kind of person, here are a few product ideas that might inspire you.

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