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If you’re not using a presentation folder, then you’re likely to be missing out on an easy opportunity to win more business.

Presentation Folders

Here are three reasons to use Presentation Folders:

Using a presentation folder makes you look organised and your business look really slick. It sends out messages about how you like to do a job well, you care about going the extra mile – you don’t cut corners and you invest in yourself and your business. It would be easy to staple some pages together, but you’re better than that, right?

Putting everything into a presentation folder keeps it all in one place so it’s much easier to present – you’re not scrambling about in your bag for various elements. It also means that all of your collateral is in one place – handy when a potential new client wants to refer back to it at a later day – your quote, your business card and sales collateral are all in one place.

Spending money on print makes your business stand out so much more than simply emailing with a PDF attachment. The latter might be useful, but the former makes a statement about how important their business is to you. In this day and age – that’s important. Invest a little in print, and see your sales conversion numbers increase.

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