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4 Reasons to Use a Reusable Water Bottle

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Keeping a reusable drink bottle on you is a great way to stay hydrated and contribute to helping save our planet. Each year 50 million water bottles are used, and from that only 23% are recycled. Not only that but drinking from a reusable drink bottle is also going to benefit you.

4 Reasons to Use a Reusable Water Bottle

1) Reduce waste with an eco water bottle
Like we mentioned above – 50 billion water bottles are used yearly. 17 million barrels of oil. And only 23% recycled. You do the math! Even if more people tried to recycle, 6 out of 7 plastic bottles used in the US are downcycled – broken down to be reused if possible, but still mostly left to degrade into watersheds and soil.

2) Save money with eco water bottles
The label on water bottles usually show mountain streams or fresh springs, but that doesn’t mean that that is where the water is actually coming from.
Only some bottled water comes from springs or groundwater sources. Sure, some companies filter or radiate the tap water with ultraviolet light before selling it to you at several thousand times the cost of tap water. Skip the unnecessary cost and save money by using an eco water bottle and filling up at home.

3) Protect your health by staying away from plastics and chemicals
Plastic isn’t just bad for the planet. It’s not good for you, either. Many studies show that polycarbonate plastic, a type of plastic used in many household and food products, gradually leaks a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) into the foods and liquids that are stored in containers made from this material.
The chemicals released by these plastics can alter hormones and have other potential health effects. Animals are also affected by the chemicals and can be permanently injured or die as a result of the poison.

4) Get an Indestructible, Leak-Proof, and Reliable Water Bottle
We’re passionate about the outdoors, so we made a rugged bottle out of stainless steel that can take a beating while keeping your drinks fresh. Buy a quality bottle once and it will last you a lifetime. The lid won’t strip at the screw point, a fault of other reusable water bottles.
Whether you want hot coffee in the mountains or ice cold water at the beach, we’ve got you covered! Our water bottles are double wall insulated – Hot stays hot, cold stays cold, and the outside of the bottle won’t condense or change temperature.

Branded drink bottles are also a great marketing tool. They can make a real impact as well as quench your customers thirst at the same time. Branded drink bottles would be an ideal promotional gift for the warmer months or if you’re sponsoring an event that involves getting active! Check out our range here!

Article from Tribe Tree. Read original article here

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