Semi-Permanent Signage, printed cost-effectively on Corflute

As New Zealand's biggest printer, it stands to reason we don't just print on paper and card. Corflute signs are a really cost effective way to produce big signs that need to be in place for a few weeks. They're great in all weathers but they'll really only last a few months outside, before the colour begins to fade. We print directly to the Corflute Board for a long lasting solution, and we can add eyelets if required to make fixing them a breeze to put up using cable ties or even some good ol' Kiwi #8 wire!

Business cards with colour pops.

We can print onto any Corflute signs from A4 up to A0 size - that's a massive 841mm x 1189mm. Probably our most popular sizes though are A2 and A3. If you need to print a bespoke sign with special dimensions, then click the help button above and we'll help you make the right choice.

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Suggested Uses of Corflute Signs

Corflute Signs are perfect for a broad range of uses:

  • Community signs - perhaps you have a neighbourhood event and want to tell the community all about it?
  • Sponsorship - has your business sponsored an event and you need to maximise your branding and involvement. Corflute banners and signs could be the perfect solution for leveraging your involvement.
  • Local Government elections - talk to us about your signage and leaflet requirements if you're standing for election
  • Real Estate Agents - they use Corflute signs for sale signage and open homes all the time. if you're an agent, then get in touch and we'll help reduce your costs.
  • Garage Sale - make sure people know you're having a garage sale and commit to decent signage.

If you're worried about setting up your artwork, then trust it to experts. Our designers would be very happy to design your Corflute signs, and deliver a really impactful message to your audience.

Things to consider when choosing Corflute Signage

Printing on Corflute is normally at fairly large sizes, so make sure your artwork and any images are set up ready to be used at this size. You don't want to end up with a pixelated, fuzzy print job.
Attaching Corflute to something can be tricky - make life easier and get us to include eyelets - the sign will last longer as a result.
Corflute is an amazing material and can be curved around objects like lamp posts etc. It consists of vertical seams too so can be folded if necessary, along any one of its seams. Because of these seams though, the final print will always show these lines - they're not bad but they are there and we can't hide them.

Printed Corflute Prices


If you are designing something that is going to be held in someone’s hand (like a business card or a brochure) then the correct dpi (dots per inch) is 300dpi. This means the image will be extremely high resolution and look sharp.
When it comes to printing corflute signs we recommend setting your artwork up at 150dpi at full size.
Viewing distance is always a good consideration when looking at how high your image dpi needs to be. How far away is the viewer going to be standing from the printed product? The further away the viewer is the less dpi is needed.

If you are unsure how to set up your image to the exact dpi one helpful tip I would recommend is creating your artwork at the exact size that it will print. Then set up your artwork accordingly including text and images. Export a PDF file at 100%. Open this in Adobe Acrobat Reader and set the view to 100%. This will show you exactly how the resolution of your artwork will print and is a good indicator before going ahead.
Do remember that you can rarely make the mistake of having too high a resolution file. But you can certainly have too low a resolution and end up with pixelated images.

So try to lean towards too much detail rather than not enough.

Viewing Distance (metres) Min Resolution
0.6m 300 dpi
1m 180 dpi
1.5m 120 dpi
2m 90 dpi
3m 60 dpi
5m 35 dpi
10m 18 dpi
15m 12 dpi
50m 4 dpi
60m 3 dpi
200m 1 dpi (if you can even see that far)!