Website Design & Development

A responsive website must be at the heart of every business and brand encouraging email sign ups and repeat interactions. A website should not simply state services akin to an online brochure.

Responsive Web Design which Converts Visitors to Customers

It is proven in sales that 7 Interactions are needed with a cold customer before a purchase is made. Most people who visit your website will never return (Nevermind a 7th time!) This is why the goal of your website must be to build your email marketing list.

Building a Mailing list is not optional to the success of a business; It is essential. I design websites with this goal in mind. My job is to build businesses, not build websites.

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For most businesses, a mailing list is by far their most powerful source of profit. Email list building is key to developing repeat visitors and relationships. Once you fully realise the importance of building a mailing list you will quickly see that having a simple pop up or sign up form is not enough.

My websites are designed in such a way so to incorporate the best conversion tactics and list building strategies into one responsive, fast loading website.

Ecommerce Web Design
& Development

An Ecommerce website is a powerful tool and one with endless potential. However, there is more to an E-commerce website than simply offering the ability to sell online.

The internet is a competitive world and if you are going to succeed a strong brand with a focused marketing strategy targeting the right buyers with the right message is a must. All of which must sit atop a secure, sophisticated, responsive Ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce is Serious Business

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Website Backup Protection

I began offering Website Backup services after I myself needed it. Times have changed and unfortunately, online security for websites (and indeed everything digital) is now a necessity.

It took 7 weeks and €1200 to correct my own website when it was hacked. It affected sales, greatly damaged my SEO and also affected the legitimacy of my email address. After my website was cleaned of the virus I subsequently developed a backup system to ensure I would never be in that predicament again.

Given my marketplace, I understand and appreciate my clients do not have large budgets for marketing their websites let alone protecting them. This is why my simple yet safe Backup System is €7.50 per month.

What is Website Backup Security?

Monthly Back-Ups

Each month a manual backup of your entire database and website files is saved. Not only your visible information but your library, plugins, theme files and everything else.

We Take Care of Everything

Each month your backup will be created and stored for the duration of your contract. Once the contract has begun you can rest assured your site is being backed up for that inevitable rainy day.

Website Restoration

If your website does ever get hacked or attacked by a virus and needs to be restored. Once notified of this will have your website back up and running in no time.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Your backups can’t be incorrect or hacked. They will be there when you need them, fully intact and ready to save the day.


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Email Marketing 

The power of Email Marketing is it is an accumulative form of marketing. Every step forward steadily perfects a system that when running brings unprecedented sales and revenue to any business.

I take the setup and management of my clients email marketing very seriously as I know first hand the huge impact it can have on a business. Each month I improve my clients email marketing systems so they can generate more leads and increase revenue. From Sales Pages to Pop-ups, Thank you Pages to eShot templates I will help with everything you need to grow your email marketing list.

Every Business Needs to Grow Their Email Marketing List



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