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Scratch Card Printing

Simple, Versatile and Fun. Everyone Loves to Scratch a Scratch Card

Giving customer’s the feeling of ‘winning’ is a powerful emotion. Grabbing customers attention in 3 seconds or less is imperative in all forms of marketing and scratch cards are perfect for greatly increasing these odds.

Scratch Cards add an element of interaction with marketing material causing customers to spend a longer amount of time with a message. Increased participation with an offer ultimately leads to more purchases. Keeping customers intrigued and interested in a message takes a considerable amount of work and creativity when it comes to straight forward marketing like leaflets and flyers. However, with Scratch Cards this becomes much more impactful.

One off profit is great, but building loyalty, your customer base, customer relations and your brand is what true marketing is all about. When Scratch cards are utilised as part of a larger goal they can be hugely successful. Scratch Cards offer instant results and greatly help with future marketing.

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Christmas Card Printing

Show Your Customers You Care

Christmas Cards are absolutely fantastic at strengthening customer and business relationships. They are such a personal, focused and direct marketing strategy which gives you a return on so many levels. Your brand remains in the mind of your important customers and it also builds trust with your client base and important vendors. Yes, emails are free but will not have much effect if any with customers.

A personalised, handwritten Christmas Card costing in the region of €2 to €4 per customer is not a large amount of money to spend on cementing important business relationships with clients your company relies on. The client will feel appreciated and valued. Both hugely important in terms of business. In this way, Christmas Cards are one of the cheapest forms of customer retention strategies available. Everyone wants to do business with a company that makes them feel valued.


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Calendar Printing

Year Long Marketing Solutions

Useful, well-designed Calendars are excellent marketing investments which always offer return.


14 Month Calendars

At Cork Printing we print our calendars with 2 additional months. Research has shown that January and February of the following year are the most utilised months for developing new business relationships.

Calendars are a print product I encourage my customers to invest time and artwork in. They are a powerful product remaining in the public domain for 14 months and are excellent products for cementing brand loyalty, growing trust and bringing in sales all year round

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Large Office Wall Planners

Large Wall Planners which can be placed in staff rooms, given as gifts to loyal customers or used on office walls are a great way to keep your business, brand message and services in the minds of customers year round.

Every note, mark and message they make all year, there you are.

wall calendars cork

Wall Calendars

Want to offer a year-round calendar to your clients, but don’t currently have the budget for a full 28 to 40 page calendar?

Have a whole year printed on sturdy card with a punch hole so people can still have a useful calendar and see your details all year round.

CD Jackets & CD, DVD Sleeves | Design & Printing Services

Professional Design to Match Professional Content

No matter its purpose, if a CD or DVD has been produced than a considerable amount of investment has been put fourth for its creation. Let’s not fall at the last hurdle. No matter its contents, the CD / DVD still needs to grab attention with artwork fit for purpose.

Whether it be DVD, CD Case Inserts or CD Case Jackets let’s match their content with professionally designed artwork. This greatly increases the chances of your DVD or CD being watched and more importantly, content taken seriously. The more intriguing the artwork – the more attention its content will receive.

Exhibition Stands and Displays | Design & Printing Services

Back Drops with Durable Fabric Covers

Our selection of exhibition stands are made up of two components — a strong, lightweight, tubular aluminium frame and a printed fabric cover. The fabric material results in a whole design piece not interrupted by join lines. Plus both the front and reverse of these washable, durable, lightweight and massive backdrops can be printed upon.

Whether being used at a corporate event, hotel, public space or unveiling, branding ones environment is a powerful tool which can draw the attention of large pools of human traffic and force them to interact with you, your company and/or your message.

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outdoor banner printing

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Greeting Cards

Show Your Customers You Care

To fully realise the power of the business greeting card is to simply realise its purpose. Greeting cards are not for pitching your wares, but rather to connect with people; in this case customers on a more personal level. Greeting cards carry sentiment and their real power is in cementing or strengthening long-term continual relationships between company and client.

The aim of the simple greeting card is to show your clients you care. If you succeed a return of profits is certain.

Sticker Printing

Build Your Brand Locally with Stickers

Overlooked and underutilised, stickers can be hugely effective when used correctly. Transform stationary, blank envelopes, outdated marketing material and anything else into focused selling tools. Place your logo on a sticker with your web address and you are ready to begin an endless marketing campaign.

Stickers are cost effective in what they achieve. Sticking them everywhere can become an addictive and powerful way to increase brand awareness, jump start a company or quickly promote a new service or product.
Place stickers with focused selling terms such as ‘Check out my website for great deals’ or ‘Like us on Facebook’. on marketing material. Stickers can be placed anywhere and once stuck can remain in place for days, weeks, months or years.

Swing Tickets & Tag Printing

Present Products Like a Pro with Swing Tags

You don’t have to be a high street chain to brand and present products professionally.

Leave a lasting impression, gather social media followers or offer discounts on future purchases. Swing tickets and printed swing tags offer endless marketing potential.

A simple pre-punched swing ticket can add company logo, contact details and more to any bag, box or product.




Pull Up Banner Stands

Big and bold, Pull up banner stands should be placed in as many places as possible

Pull Up Banner Stands are big, and big conveys confidence in one’s product or service. Combine a Pull Up Banner Stands size with unique and creative graphic design and you have a very powerful head turning and eye-catching piece of marketing material.

From local shops to banks, staff rooms to events, every business should have one clear message they are confident in promoting loudly and proudly.

Ultra portable and incredibly light Pull Up Banner Stands are ideal for retail signage, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, restaurants, bars, cafes and much more.

scratch card printing

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Calendar Notepads

calendar notepads

An excellent giveaway gift for any business.

Your largest client is on the phone, they need to take a note and there you are, your brand on a notepad with space to scribble.

Calendar notepads are useful, professional and a great way to keep your logo and contact information in the minds of potential clients all year round. Every desk should have one.

pocket calendars cork

Pocket Calendars

Pocket Calendars are useful little items when approached creatively and with client in mind.

From mini-menus to sporting event fixtures, useful information to local year round dates.
A yearly calendar complete with your logo and details which can snugly fit in a purse or wallet.

desk calendars cork

Desk Calendars

Desk Calendars are a fantastic giveaway in which you can place promotions, services, ethos or more in front of many clients for an entire year.

Research has shown that business people do enjoy having this particular item on their desks.






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Promotional Advertising | Design & Printing Services

Create a stir and fast, with promotional advertising

Do you want to get your new service or product out into the world immediately?

We all know creating a brand is important. Yes, is it better to develop trust with our clients. Of course establishing an emotional connection with clients is a better marketing strategy for long-term business success.

However, sometimes you just need to get the word out there! Sometimes it is better to just run down the street and shout and scream and bombard and push and advertise your new service! Why? Well, because you know your new service is just that good!

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Professional Greeting Card Design and Print | Editable Greeting Card Design Templates

sticker printing

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Grab Attention with Wobblying Wobblers

I sell wobblers because they work. You cannot ignore a point of sale wobbler bouncing around on a shelf, counter, bar, door or anywhere. Point of sale marketing is tricky and there are many forms, but the silly, easy-to-use, low cost, effective shelf wobbler is a tried and tested innovation.

With their ability to be stuck anywhere, utilise QR codes and work at eye level they used to direct customers eyes to where you want them to look. They can highlight products on busy shelves and focus customers on more profitable items.

Wobblers work best in crowded situations and can very much compete with larger, more costly point of sale marketing tactics. A highly effective point of sale print product wobblers can greatly influence behaviour pushing products faster than larger, fancier point of sale strategies.

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