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No other form of advertising can be placed directly into the hands of your local consumers.

Regular Flyer Printing

Flyers are marketing in its purest form. Their sole purpose is to spread a message and they need to scream that message by whatever means necessary.

There aim is simple, to get the customer to take action and fast. More than any other print product when it comes to the design of your flyers, you must trust me as your designer, as only unique and creative artwork will get the reaction we need.

Unlike all other forms of marketing, flyers should be allowed to break away from a companies brand image.

Designing Your Flyers

Allow us the time and the freedom to design you a unique, eye-catching flyer that will grab attention and encourage action.

Trust us, the more we grow your business, the more we grow our business.

400gsm Thick Flyer Printing

More weight to your flyer, more weight to your message

Thickness with showcards is for adding importance and a high end feel to your message. Our thick flyers are available in many finishes including silk, uncoated, gloss or matt laminated. Spot UV flyers, embossed flyers , silver flyers or gold flyers.

The thick silk 400gsm card adds elegance and class to brochures, hand-outs, menus, invitations and more.

The extra weight greatly increases the odds of the viewer focusing on your message. Not being able to crumple up a thick, fancy flyer subconsciously results in the viewer giving the thick flyer and your message more attention.

Designing Your Thick Flyers

If you are choosing our thickest flyer than your message must have importance. Allow me time to match the high-quality print finish with high-quality artwork.

A thick flyer on its own is not enough to convey the importance of your message. It needs to work hand in hand with the graphic design.

Embossed Flyers

Beautiful and tactile embossed flyers

Extra weight to your card adds extra weight to your message and when combined with a striking embossed feature it creates a memorable first impression.

The combination of our thick, natural stock and embossed feature shows depth to a company. It conveys to the customer an eye for details, an investment in ones self and that the best ingredients are used. The embossed feature tells a potential customer that your company doesn’t scrimp. You use the best to offer the best.

Gold Flyers

Well designed gold flyers with beautiful gold foil finishing depicts elegance, confidence & charm in ones business or event.

This can also be achieved with Spot UV flyers, embossed flyers, shaped flyers and silver flyers.

The gold foil finish can add this elegance and class to brochures, hand-outs, menus, invitations and more.

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Silver Flyers

Add class to your message with silver flyers

A well-designed flyer, marketed at the correct demographic combined with a beautiful silver foil finish depicts elegance, confidence and charm in one’s business or event.

Elegance and style can also be can be added through spot UV flyers, embossed flyers and gold flyers but when it comes to innovative style, silver foil is perfect.

Spot UV Flyers

Don't state style - depict it with Spot UV

Sell a premium product or service of high value? Depict this value and premium nature from the initial point of contact between a potential customer and your business by using the stylish and clean luxury spot UV finish.

Whether selling BMW’s, Fine Wines, Makeup or Jewellery, use Spot UV flyers to exude that high quality, style and class.

With your logo or separate feature glistening on your spot UV flyer your potential lead will not be quick to forget you.

Perforated Gift Vouchers

Stand by your deal? Present it in an innovative and convenient tear-off voucher card

Vouchers work, but presentation is key. If offering a service for a discount, people should be fighting to avail of it. However, in a world of discounts, buy one get one free’s, last minute deals and more, sometimes people fail to see the true value on offer. Sometimes, we need to help our customers separate ‘Fake Offers’ from ‘Real Deals’.

One proven way of doing this is the tear off gift voucher. Gift Vouchers are always printed on a heavier card. This alone lets the customer know they are receiving something of value. They can feel what they hold carries weight and holds value. They know that attention and care has even went into the presentation of said deal. My Perforated Gift Vouchers are printed on our thickest card with a perforated edge. The quality of the design, stock and perforation shows the customer that what they have in their hands holds value.

The perforation tips them over the edge as the incentive to use your discount housed within a beautifully presented voucher card.

Bookmark Printing

Bookmark Printing Unique in Style and Purpose

A humorous and creative bookmark has the potential like no other print product to stay in circulation for many, many years.

Bookmarks are not to help your clients mark a page. The bookmark, like every other piece of print is another instrument to promote your business, services or product. The aim of a bookmark is still one of marketing and to grow a business, not to keep a page.

Bookmarks are one of the few exceptions to the 3-second Design Rule. As your designer I have only seconds to grab the attention of your potential customer; hold that attention and create a response.
With Bookmark’s we have time to challenge this rule and so we must challenge the viewer.

Invitations | Design & Printing

Don't Just Invite - Excite!

If there is an invitation, there is an event and if there is an event it means there has already been an investment of time and money.

Let’s not fall at the last hurdle with an unimaginative, poor quality invitation; which sometimes can be the only item people have to judge your event on.

Wow them and create intrigue with an invitation which not only encapsulates the evening but creates excitement.

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Thick Flyer Printing

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Designing Your Gold Flyers

If you are considering adding gold to your flyers than your message must have great importance and/or your business offers a premium service. You obviously have great ambition and confidence in the future success of your business.

Allow me time to match that confidence with high-quality artwork.

A gold flyer with the right message will impact greatly on the future success of your company.

Shaped Flyers

Shaped flyers add memorable impact to any marketing message

Shapes are fun. Shaped flyers add a certain element of excitement and youthfulness to your message. Combined in the right way shaped flyers are the most memorable of all the other finishes.

Decorum can be added through Spot UV flyers, embossed flyers, gold flyers and silver flyers, but when it comes to pure memorable impact, the shaped flyer wins. Your message is conveyed before even a single word is read.

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Perforated Gift Vouchers

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Postcards Printing

Personal Postcard Printing

The subtle difference between the obvious marketing flyer and the personal postcard can offer a very powerful edge with the recipient simply not being able to resist reading your message.

Not having to ‘open’ a postcard, your viewer sees it immediately, and with an added personal message this can have a great impact. Adding an offer such as ‘Bring in this postcard for 10% off’ is a great way to monitor the success of your postcard campaign and postcards are perfect for test marketing.

Have a Postcard Project in mind?

Whether test marketing with 250 postcards or printing postcards in the thousands, I can help you design, write and strategise the correct approach for your postcard marketing campaign.