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With the correct approach to Brand Management, Online Traffic, Email Marketing, List Building & Social Media Management we here at Printing.com guarantee to grow your business.

Through closed-loop marketing and brand management specifically designed for the online needs of small to medium-sized enterprises, I write, design and implement business systems designed to continuously grow a company’s Online traffic, SEO, Subscriber Lists, Social Media Presence and Brand Management.

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Exhibition Design & Environment Branding

Not only can great exhibition design change minds but it can also change environments. Whether showcasing a new product, launching a business, giving a talk, offering promotions in high traffic areas or sponsoring a conference, exhibition design is crucial to setting the scene, conveying the message and strengthening your messages instant connections.

Given the size of Exhibition products, design limitations are endless and should be pushed. Wherever your opportunity is taking place we must aim to create a strong, memorable impact between your company and audience.

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Logo Design
Where Innovation Replaces Tradition

There is a fine line between bad logo design and great logo design.

The grey area in the middle is filled with inexperienced graphic designers, a million free images and a million more free tools. However, if you feel the image which will embody the very ethos and spirit of your company is not important, well in truth we have bigger problems and I am probably not the graphic designer for you.

I take logo design extremely important as Logo Design is usually the first step in the birth of a company. As I specialise in brand management my job is to help businesses grow. It is easier for me to set up this growth when involved from the start. Developing a company identity from the beginning allows me to set the foundation of a company in terms of future marketing and brand identity.

Logo design is not about making a unique mark. It’s about confidently seeing where your company will sit in the future and designing a unique relationship between your companies services and future demographic.

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