How to supply files that require White Ink

Jamie Ashworth
by Jamie Ashworth 3 years ago

Getting the most from White_Ink

Designs with clear unprinted areas

If you are printing partial coverage, with clear unprinted areas then you will usually need to add a White_ink layer to print behind any printed areas.

If you do not add this, the printed areas will appear lighter and slightly transparent a bit like a stained glass window.

How to supply your White Ink elements

All of our InDesign templates include specific colour swatches for all finishing options or use the instructions below to set up the 'White_Ink​' spot colour yourself:

  • Create a New Colour Swatch in InDesign.
  • Name the swatch White_Ink
  • Set Colour Type to Spot
  • Set Colour Mode to CMYK
  • Colour Make-up is 0% Cyan100% Magenta and 0% Yellow
  • Set swatch to Overprint (Window > Output > Attributes)


How to add the White Ink to your artwork

  1. Place White_Ink elements above your artwork (e.g. on the Finishing Layer or brought to front on the top-most Artwork Layer) using the special White_Ink spot colour swatch. This swatch must remain as a spot colour and must not be adjusted in any way.

  2. Set the White_Ink elements to Overprint from within your design application.


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