Jamie Ashworth
by Jamie Ashworth 4 years ago

About drilled holes

Centre radius may be between 10 mm and 65 mm from an adjacent straight edge.

If you need to have a hole drilled less than 10 mm from a straight edge, you may do so only if the position is 10–65 mm from another adjacent edge.

If you require more than one hole, each hole must be parallel and the same distance from one edge of the sheet (so no diagonally-aligned holes, or ‘Swiss cheese’ effects!)

Adding a drilled hole to artwork

On the artwork, place a cross (+) of diameter 2 mm to indicate the drilling position, line thickness 0.5 pt, and of a colour that contrasts with the background.

If the product you are ordering is going through the die-cutting process, any of our 'Shaped' products, then specify a punched hole instead of a drilled hole.


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