Correct artwork orientation

Jamie Ashworth
by Jamie Ashworth 4 years ago

Always choose a template appropriate to the orientation of your design; it’s best to have text reading ‘upright’ on screen.

If it’s not possible to design the text ‘upright’ (maybe, you need a landscape front and a portrait reverse), then you must ensure the generated artwork’s front and reverse are oriented as you need.

The following examples show how your files need to be supplied, in order for them to print with the correct orientation:

Do not submit one landscape and one portrait side. Instead, rotate the artwork of one of the sides to conform to one of the examples shown here – make it fit a standard template.

Greeting Cards, Folded Business Cards and Folded Leaflets/Flyers

Be sure to check in the special case of ‘Greetings Cards products, especially the inside orientation of landscape cards.

As we impose from left-to-right, the message inside will print on the panel opposite to the reverse. Your files if set up correctly should look like this (the recommended option):

You can also supply like this:

Or like this:

Your Portrait Greeting Cards will look like this:


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