• Be Better

Single-use plastics have been in the news a lot lately. So we’ve taken a long hard look at ourselves.
And asked how we could be better. We’re cutting single-use plastic where we can.

On 1st August, we switched all our matt and gloss laminated print to a new biodegradable film. This “bio” film looks like regular lamination and feels lovely. When the print reaches the end of its useful life, it composts. Within two years it’s gone. Without leaving contaminants in the soil.

In August, we’d like you to try any of our StarMarque Bio, Luxury Bio or Fabu-Gloss Bio range. That’s Business Cards, Flyers, Showcards, Menus, Invitations, Folders and more. It’s easier to be better, with €15 off introductory pricing.


Starmarque Bio Business Cards >

Matt laminated both sides with gloss varnished highlights applied to the front for shine and detail. Deliciously decadent and impressive.


Starmarque Bio
Flyers >

For dramatic, high-impact mailings try our eye-catching Starmarque flyers. The gloss details add punch and enhance your message.

Starmarque Bio
Menus & Showcards >

Stand out even further by adding a customised shape to your flyer. Or add creases to create beautifully sophisticated menus.

Fabu-gloss Bio
Showcards >

These thick flyers are laminated in our shiniest, glossiest and most biodegradable coating ever.

Fabu-gloss Bio Folded Showcards >

Create stunning glossy brochures or menus with these super-shiny laminated beauties.

Luxury Bio Business Cards >

400gsm thick artboard, matt laminated both sides for a sophisticated, elegant finish which looks and feels gorgeous.