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+{{Picker.getFullPrice( Picker.selected.code, Picker.selected.qty, item.code ) - Picker.getFullPrice( Picker.selected.code, Picker.selected.qty, Picker.selected.service_level.code ) | currency }}

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+{{item.price | currency }}

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Sorry! Maximum of {{Math.max(...Object.keys(Picker.valid_quantities))}} can be added {{Picker.selected.qty}} pour {{totals.items[''].price | currency}}
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+{{item.price | currency }}

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Récapitulatif de votre panier

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{{item.price | currency }}

Code produit {{item.code}}


{{item.voucher.amount | currency }}

And {{Object.keys(totals.items).length - 1}} more...

{{subtotal - totals.items['new'].price | currency }}


{{item.price | currency }}


{{subtotal | currency}}

TVA @ {{parseInt(rate)}}%

{{vatTotal | currency }}

Total de la commande

{{total | currency}}

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