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  • 2402 Osborne Rd.
  • St. Marys
  • 31558
  • T: 912-882-4731
  • F: 912-882-0756
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Opening Times

Monday 08:30-17:00
Tuesday 08:30-17:00
Wednesday 08:30-17:00
Thursday 08:30-17:00
Friday 08:30-17:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Launch Printing & Promotions studio location

Meet the team

Greg Lockhart

Greg Lockhart

I began working in this printing company in 1976. Back in those days we still ran some jobs on our old letterpress, not too differently than what Gutenberg did, and I am not exaggerating. I learned how to set lead type one letter and one line at a time. It was an experience that gives me a deep sense of history and a love for this business. Many things have changed through the years with the advent of digital printing but one thing remains the same...the craftsman attitude I developed at the fly-wheel of that old press. I hope you will give me and my company the chance and the privilege to work with you on your next printing project.