Creating artwork


The latest software has clever wizards that let you whip up a design in no time. But design isn’€™t about knowing which buttons to press. It’€™s about creating the mood, delivering the message and making the sale. Forgive us for sounding rude, but, if you want to look professional, leave it to the professionals. Good design sells. Fact. Bad design,€“ or even just average design,€“ may do more damage to your business than you think. Trust us. We’€™d recommend you invest at least a third of your budget in some decent artwork. Our design fees are probably a lot lower than you think. Contact your local studio to discuss your options.


File Checking -€” Your Safety Net!

If you want to design your job yourself, download a copy of our File Supply Guide (or we can send you a copy). Setting up a file for print is a complicated thing though. We want to make sure you don’€™t screw up and end up having to trash your print. Our low-cost File Checking Service is your guarantee that your file will print right the first time. And once you’€™ve correctly supplied a few files the way, we may even let you become a €œFile Risker,€“ see the File Supply Guide for the full story.



If we’€™re creating artwork for you, it’€™s essential that you thoroughly check your design before we print it. Approve your artwork quickly and easily with Bulletproof€“ our online proofing software. Approve on your laptop, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry. It’s great for checking layout, but you shouldn’€™t rely on the colors. If you think you need a more accurate color proof, we’€™d recommend ordering a set of business cards. Starting at just $44 + tax, these are the most cost-effective way of €œpreviewing€ your final job. Contact your local studio to discuss your options.

Creating Artwork for Print