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What is TemplateCloud?

TemplateCloud is a specialist solution for printing entrepreneurs who want to sell customizable products, like our product range to their clients online. TemplateCloud uses Web to Print template technology to revolutionize how designs are sold to customers.

TemplateCloud templates are €˜crowdsourced. This means that freelance graphic designers provide the creative designs for our templates whenever is convenient for them. In return they receive royalties when their templates are sold on websites using the TemplateCloud library.


An analogy can be drawn between crowdsourced€™ photo libraries, like Fotolia, and TemplateCloud for editable graphic design templates.

How do I get the TemplateCloud library on my website?

TemplateCloud represents the culmination of many years of supplying small- and medium-sized clients with flyersbusiness cards, and other products, together with millions invested in software development. As such, is highly selective about who can become a TemplateCloud Partner and sell templates online.

Moving forward

If you’re interested in TemplateCloud and our web-to-print platform, send an email to uses our TemplateCloud library on their website.