Power Words that Sell

Before you’€™ve even had time for a coffee break, you’€™ve probably already been bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages. Television, radio, signs, billboards, vans, taxis and newspapers — they’€™re all screaming for your attention.

How many can you remember now? We’€™d be surprised if it’d be far into double figures.

If you’€™re looking to win new customers, you’ve got to be smarter to grab their attention. We can help. We’€™ve come up with some unusual ideas for intriguing potential customers.

Use These Words to Add Sales Punch:

Absolutely, Announcing, Amazing, Approved, Authentic, Bargain, Better, Big,
Breakthrough, Complete, Delivered, Direct, Discount, Easily, Excellent, Endorsed,
Exciting, Exclusive, Expert, Famous, Free, Get, Gift, Greatest, Guaranteed, How,
Huge, Immediately, Improved, Introducing, Instant, Impact, Largest, Latest, Lifetime,
Limited, Love, Lowest, Magic, Miracle, New, Now, Powerful, Practical, 
Profitable, Quality, Quickly, Reduced, Revolutionary, Secrets, Special, Superior,
Successful, Strange, Today, Unique, Wealth, Win, You