You’ve probably admired box canvas prints in a gallery or expensive retailer. Now get the studio look with a printed canvas. We’ll print your design – a photo, illustration or signage – then tension it over a wooden frame and attach it to the rear for a neat professional image. Available in a range of sizes and guaranteed to brighten up any wall.

Framed Canvas Prints make great gifts for the whole family – simply add their favourite photo of the family, a holiday snapshot or memorable moment and watch their faces light up when they unwrap their present.

To get started, search for “Canvas” in our library of designs. You can refine your search by selecting colours, canvas size and styles using the menu on the left.

Online Design Search Results

When you’ve found a design you like, click on the green ‘Quick look’ button, which will appear when you move the cursor over the thumbnail, to view a larger preview of the canvas design. If you’re happy with your chosen design, click ‘Edit this Design’ to start personalising your printed canvas design.

Choose Your Printed Canvas Design

Click on the green ‘Edit’ buttons to personalise that part of the canvas. You can change the font, font size or colour using the tools on the right hand size.

Edit Your Printed Canvas Design

To add your photograph, click on the ‘Edit’ button over the existing image and then click on ‘Replace’ on the right which will open up the image replacement options. Go to the ‘Upload an Image from my Computer’ tab, click ‘browse’ and choose and jpg or tiff image on your computer and select ‘upload’.

Upload Your Own Photo

You’ll get a warning if your photo is too small to be used on the canvas. Images that are stretched bigger may appear pixellated or jagged when printed. Pictures on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks are often too small because they are saved as low resolution. If you’re unsure, get in contact and we can help.

If all of your pictures are too small, you may want to choose a smaller canvas size or choose a design that uses several images to make a collage. This enables you to use smaller pictures.

You can then use the image editor to move, rotate and scale your photograph once it is placed in the design. You can regularly save your design by clicking on the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the editor. Save regularly and come back later if you wish. After you’ve pressed ‘save’, sign in or register so your masterpiece will never get lost. Once you’ve finished editing you can preview the design without the green edit buttons. To place your order click ‘Next Step’.

Editor Buttons

You’ll be taken to a page to confirm the details of your order, once you are happy with these select ‘Add to Basket’. Checkout securely online and we’ll print your order and deliver it quickly to your door or your local studio.

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