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David Bellamy with planting trees with school children.Trees are the longest-lived organisms in the world. They provide homes and food for innumerable species ofbirds, mammals and insects. By planting trees today we are ensuring the survival of species threatened by habitat loss, maintaining the ecosystems on which our lives depend and safeguarding our ecological heritage for future generations.

We need your help… Our partners Tree Appeal will plant a tree for every 20 orders we receive. You can make a difference by choosing us for your leaflets, stationery, posters and other printing and telling your friends about our Trees for Schools campaign. Help us reach our target of planting 100,000 trees. As a printing.com customer you’ll be able to add the Tree Appeal logo to your stationery & brochures to show your contribution.

It’s not about the trees that we use – printing.com is already doing a lot to reduce our environmental impact with sustainable sourcing of paper, vegetable based inks and environmental systemssuch as ISO 14001. But it is about the ecological footprint created by the whole production process. By planting trees we’re putting back something positive and making an active long term contribution to our planet’s ecology.