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How to Easily Personalise Canvas Prints Online

You’ve probably admired box canvas prints in a gallery or expensive retailer. Now get the studio look with a printed canvas. We’ll print your design – a photo, illustration or signage – then tension it over a wooden frame and attach it to the rear for a neat professional image. Available in a range of sizes and guaranteed to brighten up any wall.

Framed Canvas Prints make great gifts for the whole family – simply add their favourite photo of the family, a holiday snapshot or memorable moment and watch their faces light up when they unwrap their present.

To get started, search for “Canvas” in our library of designs. You can refine your search by selecting colours, canvas size and styles using the menu on the left.

Online Design Search Results

When you’ve found a design you like, click on the green ‘Quick look’ button, which will appear when you move the cursor over the thumbnail, to view a larger preview of the canvas design. If you’re happy with your chosen design, click ‘Edit this Design’ to start personalising your printed canvas design.

Choose Your Printed Canvas Design

Click on the green ‘Edit’ buttons to personalise that part of the canvas. You can change the font, font size or colour using the tools on the right hand size.

Edit Your Printed Canvas Design

To add your photograph, click on the ‘Edit’ button over the existing image and then click on ‘Replace’ on the right which will open up the image replacement options. Go to the ‘Upload an Image from my Computer’ tab, click ‘browse’ and choose and jpg or tiff image on your computer and select ‘upload’.

Upload Your Own Photo

You’ll get a warning if your photo is too small to be used on the canvas. Images that are stretched bigger may appear pixellated or jagged when printed. Pictures on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks are often too small because they are saved as low resolution. If you’re unsure, get in contact and we can help.

If all of your pictures are too small, you may want to choose a smaller canvas size or choose a design that uses several images to make a collage. This enables you to use smaller pictures.

You can then use the image editor to move, rotate and scale your photograph once it is placed in the design. You can regularly save your design by clicking on the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the editor. Save regularly and come back later if you wish. After you’ve pressed ‘save’, sign in or register so your masterpiece will never get lost. Once you’ve finished editing you can preview the design without the green edit buttons. To place your order click ‘Next Step’.

Editor Buttons

You’ll be taken to a page to confirm the details of your order, once you are happy with these select ‘Add to Basket’. Checkout securely online and we’ll print your order and deliver it quickly to your door or your local studio.

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What Makes Great Seasonal Branding?

Plan Your Seasonal BrandingWhether it’s Christmas, Halloween or the height of balmy summer, seasonal branding can get you noticed, define or change how customers perceive you, and even improve sales. This Christmas for example, small businesses everywhere will be wondering how best to adapt their marketing materials to cash in on the warm glow and deep pockets of the season.

Of course, the real challenge lies in balancing festive exuberance with brand continuity. It’s really important you don’t forget who you are, or your customers might too. Make sure you avoid drowning out your messaging or selling point with jingle bells and glitter, keeping your seasonal branding coherent and in tune with your core identity.

Planning your campaign

When it comes to planning your seasonal branding efforts, it boils down to two crucial elements: relevance and consistency.

Choose your season or event carefully – trying to cover everything from Pancake Day to Burns Night will be exhausting for both you and your customers. Which is most relevant to your audience and your product or service? Of course, everybody likes Christmas, but if you’re a health clinic or a tanning salon you might want to reconsider!

Consistency is important both across the seasons and across your marketing output. The brand experience should be seamless, whether the customer is looking at your business card, brochure, press ad, website or Twitter feed, whether it’s Christmas day or August bank holiday.

The key to this is setting your core identity in stone, and always referring back to this. Use it as the starting point for any seasonal branding, rather than starting with a seasonal idea and then trying to ‘brand it’.

Seasonal BrandingTop tips for capturing the season’s feelings

If you’re considering some festive branding this Christmas, check out our top tips and ideas for inspiration:


It’s risky changing your logo too much as it’s so central to your identity, but it could have a subtle addition in keeping with the season. Take Tesco – the paper crown balanced jauntily over the O barely detracts from their famous logo, but adds an element of fun and evokes nostalgia for family Christmas dinners from years gone by.

Colour scheme

Every season has its own colour palette, which can immediately inspire the right mood and Christmas has several. There’s the Dickens Christmas of deep reds, greens and gold, the sleek and icy Christmas of silver and pale blue, or the cosy Nordic Christmas evoked by bright red, white and parcel paper brown. If your branding is normally neutral a splash of colour will evoke Christmas cheer, but if you’ve already got a strong colour scheme it may be a challenge matching it up.


Although we all love reindeer and snowmen and Father Christmas, it’s difficult to incorporate this with your normal branding if you’re not usually very playful or exuberant. From subtle snowflakes or holly boughs, to minimal calligraphy or stylish line drawings, there are plenty of ways to incorporate festive images without being too twee.


Carefully crafted copy can inspire those feelings of warmth – be emotive and cheerful, but stick to your core messaging. Copy is also really important if you’re sending out branded Christmas cards – go the extra mile with the message inside so it’s not too generic. It might be tempting to use a festive font, but if you’ve got a house font used across other marketing materials it may help keep things consistent.


Think outside the box – you’re not restricted to Christmas cards or promotional flyers! If you have a product, why not adjust the packaging, like the star-studded red cups Starbucks serves its Christmas lattes in? Meanwhile if you’re service-led and looking for a subtle option, seasonal business stationery can inspire the right feelings without impacting on your serious image. And if you want to go all out, branded promotional gifts always go down well!

Starbucks Christmas Cups

Branding is all about defining who you are and what you stand for, and associating feelings and concepts with your name. Seasons come and go and can be leveraged, but your core identity should be recognisable all year round.

Article by: Peppermint Soda is a full service creative and PR agency in Manchester, specialising in branding, design, advertising and digital.

Gimmicks or Genius Giveaways?

The Power of Promotional Gifts and how they win you business

It’€™s a jungle out there. Take your eye off your customers, and your competitors swoop down and grab them. Ok, maybe a little dramatic, but customers often aren’€™t as loyal as you’€™d like to think. Building relationships increases the loyalty odds and, as we know, loyalty = repeat business. You’€™ve gone to the effort of gaining the customer, it doesn’€™t pay to ignore them now.

Free gift inside
A time-bound discount is sometimes a good way to prompt people to buy, especially for customers who are solely motivated by price. But that’€™s not everyone. The trouble with discounting is it sets an expectation of a lower price next time the customer is ready to buy.

Consider giving them a free gift with their purchase instead. One benefit is that it incentivises the person placing the order – and that may not necessarily be the person paying the invoice. Think of all those airline miles, paid for by companies, redeemed on trips to Barbados. Or the stationery supplier who gives a free pack of biscuits with every order, compared to the one who’€™s a little cheaper. Who do you think the office junior will order from? Correct. And their next tough decision is who’€™s going to brew up.

Promotional gifts, really work…
…as a thank you

• After a customer has ordered, to thank them for their business.

• On the anniversary of their first order
with you
. A reminder that you appreciate their business.

• At Christmas. It’€™s a time for giving€“ and ensuring you’re remembered in the new year.

…as a give away

• At trade shows. If they make the effort to visit your stand, don’€™t let them go away empty handed.

•  To everyone who attends your
conferences or meetings.
If they’€™ve forgotten a pen or something to write on, give them something branded with your details which they’€™ll use and take away with them.

…as a call to action

•  To encourage an order. Order by the end of the week and receive a free XX!€™.

TOP TIP – A thank you is more powerful when the promotional gift is sent separately, rather than in the box with their order. It shows you’€™ve gone that extra mile.

The World is your Mousemat€
So how do you go about choosing the right promotional gifts to get your message across? There are thousands of gifts available -€“ from the clever to the bizarre. Here’€™s some top tips to help you decide what’€™s best for you:

1. Make them useful
89% of people say they would keep an item if it were useful. Makes sense, if it has a use, customers will use it.

2. Make it complement your business
If the gift is relevant to your business or your customer demographic, you won’€™t get funny looks. Try a bottle opener if you run a wine shop. Or a sports bottle if you run a gym. How about a mousemat if you repair computers?

3. It’€™s about perceived value
How much it’€™s worth to the customer, rather than what it costs you. The more valuable your gift is perceived to be, the better the response. For instance, a wall planner might cost you as little as 30p/45c each -€“ but your customer would have to pay ten times that to buy one from a stationery shop.

Talk to your local printing.com studio and find some gifts to suit your business.


Top 3 benefits of branded promotional gifts:

1. Increase your brand awareness
76% of people say they can name a brand or organisation featured on promotional merchandise on their desk, without having to look for confirmation.

2. Encourages reorders
Over half made a purchase from businesses who had branded promotional merchandise on their desk.

3. Knockout the competition
Your details on their desk, or in their briefcases€, not your competitors.

Edit&Go Designer Templates

Looking for inspiration? Browse our library of over 9,000 ready-made designs all fully loaded with text and images. Search for a specific industry, use or event. Find the one you love, and use our online editor to easily personalise with your contact details, photos and logo. No need to be a designer to get the designer look. Configure your printing, checkout securely online and we’ll print your order in Hi-Definition and deliver it quickly to your door.

Read more about editing templates.

Online editor


Christmas is coming…

…and sooner than you think!

Picture it now. Lights turned down low, carol singers warbling outside, chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Yep, it’s that time of year again when we come over all festive. And boy have we turned up the heat on our Christmas range this year.

We’ve got our biggest range of exclusive Christmas Card designs ever. Choose your favourite and easily personalise with your details – no design skills needed. Change text, choose colours and fonts. Add your own logo or type in your business name and personalise the message on the inside. All of our Edit&Go Christmas Cards are half price during October, get 50 from £78 including envelopes.

While many people are barely into the “back to work” routine after Summer, some of our customers have already started planning their Christmas promotions.

During October organise your festive calendar gifts. With 25% off Fourteen Month Calendars and Wallplanners, there’s never been a better time to make sure you’re on your customers walls all year round –€“ make sure your competition don’t get there first.

Start Planning Christmas Today

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