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Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 6 – size absolutely matters

Leaflets come in a huge range of sizes. If you have a simple message, A5 is our most popular size. We print double sided as standard – so use the front to capture attention, then the reverse for detail and your ‘call to action’ – what you want prospects to do next.

When you’ve more to say, it makes sense to spread your message out. Folded leaflets are easier for people to digest – look how our story unfolds in this brochure, across 8 panels. It’s easier for readers than one huge sheet.

If you’re posting out your brochure, stick to something which folds to A5 or smaller. That way you qualify for the lowest postal rate. Everything in this brochure falls into the lowest weight postal tier too.

For more sizes and folds, choose ‘every possible option’ at www.printing.com.

A sizes

Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 5 – stop swinging

Closeup Wrecking Ball

Is your marketing like a swinging pendulum?
Nothing, then lots. Nothing, then lots? We’ve all been guilty of this. Do a bit of marketing. Then it gets busy. So we stop and focus on doing work. Then that’s done. Then it’s quiet. So we start marketing again. But it takes a little while to get things in motion. And then we’re busy again. So we stop. Boom to bust, feast to famine, extremes are never helpful. Best to do a little bit each week. Work out what you’re going to do over the next couple of months, then stick to it. Being consistent is important. Better to do little bit, often. A dripping tap of marketing.





Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 4 – know what you want

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Before you start a new brochure, be absolutely clear what you want.

Is it to sell something directly? Is it to support you during a sales meeting? Is it to launch a new product to existing customers? Or introduce your business to new prospects?

Each is a valid objective. But each has a different purpose and your message should be different.

Ask yourself “what do I want the reader to do?” and work back from there. Cheat. Ask for early feedback from existing friendly faces. Ask them “after you’ve read this, what would you do?” If it isn’t what you want, try again.

Dog glasses

Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Part 2 – ditch the cliché

Flick through your industry’s trade magazine. We bet you’ll find at least one cheetah or sports car, sprinkled in amongst pics of people shaking hands or looking like they’re having the BEST MEETING EVER. Don’t be like them.

If you want to stand out, quit looking like everyone else. Using professional photography costs less than you think. Or cheat. Mash-up stock photos. Use them out of context. Sign into your account on www.printing.com and choose ‘stock images’ to browse our selection. Let’s work up a campaign which makes you memorable.

cliche stock photo

Get more customers: the super secret cheat guide: Part 1 – eat, sleep, sell, repeat

Cute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glassesCute girl dog with glasses

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Plenty of research shows people need to see your marketing message several times, in different ways, before they buy.

If a customer says no, is it game over? Be honest, do you give up after your first knock back? Many business people do. But that’s a mistake. Dust yourself off. And get back on the horse.

You’ve probably seen the stats below on LinkedIn or Twitter? They claim it takes between 5 and 12 contacts before the vast majority of sales are made. Maybe it’s made up, who knows. But think about it. How many times do you speak to your clients? It’s rare that a sale happens on the first few contacts. This secret cheat is simple. Just keep going. The more times you reach a client, the more chance of making the sale. Better to contact 1,000 prospects 5 times than 5,000 just once.

So does that mean you keep calling people day after day asking “ready to buy yet?” Maybe that could work for some. But for most, it means using different methods.

Let us plan a campaign for you which has 5 or more contact steps. These could be a brochure to warm them up, followed by an eshot with an invitation to meet. Next week could be a promo postcard with a focus on an individual product or service. Then a call. That’s four. Then how about a voucher booklet of special deals, backed up by some social media posts?

Contact vs sales stats

Seven Secret Steps To Leaflet Success

We see a lot of leaflets. It’s a perk of the job. We know what works. And what doesn’t. Use these seven secret steps and help start 2016 like you mean to go on.

Is it time to reconnect with your old customers? Maybe a mailshot to new prospects? The recession is over. People are spending again. Let’s make sure they’re spending it with you, not your nemesis.

Oh, and we’ve permanently reduced our Premium Gloss Leaflets to help you make the most of your marketing spend.

Marketing Matchmaker

How do you choose between online and offline marketing activities when working out your marketing plan? The answer is simple: A combination of both will work better than one by itself.

Online and offline marketing activities both have their own individual benefits, but communicating with your customers in more than one way is the best option for getting the most return on your marketing investment.

Like all the best couples; ‘Wills & Kate’, ‘Brangelina’, ‘Kimye’, your marketing activities can have more impact when combined with a complementary partner.

Introducing the ‘Marketing Matchmaker’. A simple guide to help you determine which activities go hand in hand. This month, we have three online contenders all looking for their offline marketing match.

Marketing Matchmaker

You have 3 seconds to engage your audience – use them wisely

3 Seconds

It’s all about first impressions.

In three seconds, your potential customer will decide whether to commit to reading what you have to say or to spend their time doing something else entirely.

Increase your chances of engaging with your audience by using bold metallic foil decorations or eye catching glossy highlights. Catch their eye, draw them in, who knows what it might lead to…

That’s the Power of Print.

The Power of Print

Business is done differently today because of the internet. But having a website presence alone will not automatically attract visitors and enquiries to your business.

So what can you do to engage with customers? Utilising tactile marketing like Print, creates a stronger bond with customers and prospects than digital outreach alone.

That’s maybe why the online component of a campaign pays back 62% more when there is print in the mix*.

Leaflets, Brochures, Mailers and Postcards provide a direct method to promote your business. They start conversations and deliver a return on your marketing investment.

That’s the Power of Print.

Ask us about how the ‘Power of Print’ can help start conversations with your customers and increase your return on investment.




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*‘From letterbox to inbox: Building customer relationships’ dma.org.uk