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Tips on How to Make Yourself Stand out on Instagram

Apparently, there are over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram. Among this group, these influencers can range from a following between 15,000 to 100,000 followers. But how do you make yourself stand out from these influencers and businesses that are flooding the social media market?

Here is 5 tips on how to make you business stand out…

  1. Try getting onto Instagram’s Explore Page. The explore page has an estimate of 200 million visitors each day! That’s a lot of people viewing content. The explore page is a great way for you to be seen not by just your followers but also new non-followers.
  2. Use video and motion! Post videos and if you like to use Instagram stories add stickers, Gifs etc. to create more dynamic and visually pleasing content.
  3. Is your account set up for business? If not we highly recommend it. This is useful because you will then have access into the insights and analytics of your posts. Analytics is helpful because you can check out what hashtags are working for you, and what content your sharing is working with your audience.
  4. Find your best posting times. This will increase your audience engagement in general, but also with great content it will boost your chances of getting onto the explore page on Instagram so that other users can engage as well.
  5. Last and final tip we have is to tag and mention other relevant brands. Have you collaborated or worked with someone else or another brand? If so share this news because you can both benefit from each other, and it is also a greet way to create a great working relationship.

Hopefully these tips are some food for thought for you and that you can utilise them within your business!

Get More Leads by Pimping up Your Google Business Page

72% of people who conduct a local search will visit a store within 8km

There has been a 900% growth in ‘near me tonight/today’ searches in the past 2 years. 97% of consumers say reviews influence their buying decision. Your Google Business page is an important part of our online strategy. Arguably a more important part of your online strategy than Facebook or Instagram. We recommend putting studio time into your local social media strategy and GMB pages should be included. You should all have a Google Business page by now and have the ability to edit it. If not – here is a great video explaining how to claim your business – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdCZMWkYDJQ. These business pages are most important for local searches and are tailored for people searching for your business services in your local area.
The more you add to your page, the better Google understands what you offer in order to put in front of more people searching for your services.

So what do you need on your page?
At the very least you need –

  • business name
  • address
  • phone number
  • hours of operation
  • business category
  • web address (check your link!)

What can you do to pimp up your page?

  • add an in-depth description of your business
  • upload better images of your team, studio and products
  • encourage reviews and respond to them
  • did you know you can add posts for products, events and offers!?
  • upload videos

By doing the above, you can move your listing result further up the list, and get noticed by more people.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

The 4 P’s of Marketing

Marketing in its simplest meaning can be described as ‘putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.’ The 4Ps of marketing is a great place to start looking at your product and how to evaluate how to market this to your target audience.


A product is an item that satisfies the consumer’s needs or wants and can be tangible (goods) or intangible (services, ideas or experiences). A product has to meet a customers demand and solves a problem. Benefits and features should be understood to help with its unique selling proposition.


The price refers to the actual amount a customer pays for a product and is the only variable that has implications for revenue. How a product is priced will affect how it sells so you also have to consider the customers perceived. If you price higher or lower than the perceived value then the product may not sell.


Promotion refers to marketing communications could include a variety of elements that could include advertising, direct marketing, sales promotions, offers or even public relations. Whatever technique is used it has to be suitable for the product, the price and the target market.


Place refers to providing customer access to the product. This should be convenient and distribution is the main element of this. The main channel of placement has to be the most suitable, so the product gets to the customer.

The Value of Social Media for your Business

The Value of Social Media for your Business

The Value of Social Media for your Business

We know running your own business takes up a lot of time and energy and that social media is just another thing on your plate to deal with.

In today’s world, social media plays a really big role in how businesses interact with their customers, potential customers and even your bottom line! Potential customers are more likely to buy from you by posting and creating an engaging dialogue on social media. Look at the image below of how more likely a customer is going to buy from you if they follow you on social media.

Retrieved from https://sproutsocial.com/insights/topics/social-media-for-small-business/

Keeping and finding customers is always going to be a big task. Creating engaging content and building relationships with customers is also an important role in social media.

Missed opportunities and unsatisfactory customer experience could create some awful press for your business. Often these types of experiences don’t come out of the woodwork until it is too late, and if the problem gets to social media it can spread like there’s no tomorrow. So keeping on top of your social media and being engaging with your customers is a great way to help and prevent your business to not earning an unfair rep for itself.

How can you get social media users to purchase or get in touch with you, you may ask? Well here are some helpful tips…

Offer Promotions. Be responsive, if someone gets in contact on social media don’t ignore them talk and have a chat.

Share some creative visuals, generally, people love to see stuff and social media is all about sharing images.

Provide behind the scene looks into your business, people love to know what’s happening and how things work so show them.

Share exclusive content, who doesn’t love a deal that only certain people know about, also it is a great way to drive customers to other social platforms your on.

And last, be funny! Everyone loves a little giggle, have you found something online that’s funny, share it with others so their day can be brightened by either a funny Gif or video.

Become Memorable to your Clients

Become Memorable to your Clients

Getting and keeping your customer’s attention is not always an easy task.


So how can you and your business be seen and remembered among the noise? The key is to become, a remembered and trusted brand.

The best way to become these things is to do good; on more levels than just business. Let’s look at your town as an example. There are many ways that you can become a pillar within your community by providing jobs, stimulating the economy, and lifting others up by supporting local or charitable organisations. You will earn their community’s respect by being an active, generous part of it.

Here are some ideas on how you can engage in this concept.

Volunteer or serve a local charity or initiative in your area, by becoming involved you will make meaningful connections whilst doing great work, there may also be ways in which your business can directly support the organisation that you are personally supporting.

Business Partnerships. Consider forming strategic business partnerships with other businesses in your area, together you can grow stronger. When making your choice, some things to think of are how your services can complement each other, this is not only beneficial for the two business involved, but also for the clients you serve, as they receive a seamless experience between the both of you.

Sponsorship is also a great way to showcase your community values, get creative with this one, it doesn’t just need to look like donating a prize for a raffle, it could look like a range of different things, put your head together with the organisation that it needing support and you will be amazed at what you may come up with together.

Whatever you decide to partner with, the connection has to feel real, it has to come from a place of really wanting to make and see a lasting change, don’t take on too much, only take on what feels manageable to avoid burning out. You will not become recognised in your community overnight, but your generosity will be recognised and trusted by doing small good deeds in your community over a period of time.

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Websites That Drive Business

Websites That Drive Business

Make your website work for you.

Having a super awesome website is essential for any business that’s looking to make more sales (who isn’t?) You want something that makes you stand out from the competition and really sets you apart. But what makes an excellent website excellent?

Here are 3 simple rules to creating and establishing a great website.

Keep it simple Make sure your website makes sense. You want to be creative with your website…but not so creative that people can’t find their way around. Keep in mind that people are familiar with standard navigation and if they find it difficult to navigate around your site, chances are they will just leave! You want to make your website as accessible as possible so you’re driving people towards your business, not away from it.

Keep it fast Page speed is an essential factor not only in determining whether or not someone stays on your website, but whether or not it appears high in search results. Make sure your website isn’t full of massive photos or videos – optimise everything.

Keep it clear Ensure your website is full of clear call to actions at every step. Your customer should know exactly what it is they need to do when they get to your website. Do they need to contact you? Do they need to shop? Do they need to sign up to a newsletter? Make sure they know what they’re doing and why they are doing it.

If your website isn’t checking these boxes and it needs an overhaul, fear not! Your local PDC studios are full of incredible web designers who would love to work with you to see your business thrive on the web – get in touch with us today!